WISDOM Vol. 9. No. 5

An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.

Date: 8th November, 2020.

Moderator: Mr. Sabastine Pio

Time: 8:30pm

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

Today we shall be treating a topic titled” Wisdom”. The text remains the Gospel reading of today. Please follow me to matthew 25:1-13.I believe we’re there. I will go directly to the message.According to fr Mike Lagrimas, today’s Gospel reading about parable of the ten virgins, capsulizes the message of all the readings this Sunday. It talks about our innate desire to be fully United with God at the end of our life, like the virgins waiting for the bridegroom*What is wisdom?*Wisdom is the right application of knowledge. Moreso the fear of the Lord is wisdom and the absence of this is foolishness. Ok we shall taking instances of men and women of wisdom and foolishness from scriptures.For those of wisdom…We have the woman of zeraphat in 1kings 17:7-16.The woman gave elijah her last because of the wisdom of GodAlso, Our mother mary telling the disciples to do what her son tells them John 2:5,Even though her son was telling her that it’s not yet time.Solomon who instead of dividing a child in 1kings 3:16-28 , gave it to the right motherAlso,The woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus in mk 5:29 knowing that Jesus is our healer. She applied knowledge which is wisdom.Moreso, the good thief also displayed wisdom in luke 23:42, by asking Jesus to remember Him in His paradise. And he finally made it to heaven.These are but few of those who displayed wisdomI shall now give instances of those who displayed foolishnessFor those of foolishness.We have those people in the days of noah,merrying despite seeing Noah building an arc as refrenced in mt 24:38. It happens even in today’s world, people despite the word of God they hear, continue in sin.Also the left theif crucified with Jesus in mt 27:44Instead of using the wisdom of God like the good thing, he was insulting JesusAlso,When Esau sold his birthright to Jacob in Gen25:29-34Esau displayed foolishness and thus gave out his birthrightMoreso,When Samson told delilah His source of power in judges 16:15-17Because of that his people were defeatedAlso,The foolish virgins in our today’s Gospel readingThey went out to get their own extra oil and before they arrived The doors were shutI will now proceed to the importance of having wisdom*Importance of wisdom*1. Wisdom is justified by our results mt 11:19, therefore it shows in your resultsA student who claims to know a course,his claim can be tested after examsSame with our lives,if we have the wisdom of God,we produce the results God has destined for our lives.2. It enables you seek God’s kingdom first luke 6:33It is knowledge to know that the things of this world doesn’t last but it is wisdom to seek for what last which is God’s kingdom.3. It enables your readiness for christ coming luke 12:40.4. You will make heaven as the wise virgins in our today’s reading,Readiness is an evidence of wise chrustians who knows that any day you are alive is an opportunity given By God for amendment.Just like the wise virgins they joined the bridegroom in the banquet, so shall all who live their lives in the wisdom of God attain heaven at last.I shall now proceed to the consequences of not having wisdom:1.They end up loosing heaven like the foolish virgins in today’s readingI do not know you was Jesus reply to them because they failed to take extra oil of righteousness and salvation. So they lost the bouquet.2. The Glory of God leaves you as it did to saul in 1sam 15:22Saul disobedience and foolishness if I use the other word made God’s glory left him to David.3. You will be prone to satanic manipulation as it did to peter in mk8:23Jesus has to rebuke satan who manipulated peter to stop Jesus from dying.We shall now proceed to how to activate wisdom:1. Consistent prayers.2. Study on God’s word.3. Accepting Jesus into your life,who is the source of wisdom.4. Fear of the Lord in everything you do,even in this present economic crisis because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.The last aspect of wisdom, I will touch tonight is Wisdom in Reality as I termed it.*Wisdom in reality*1. When in need apply ps23:1. Since you know your God, apply His word to that your need that becomes wisdom.2. Even in insecurity apply Ps91:1. Our country is faced with insecurity presently,we can’t be afraid because God is our protector.3. When sick apply Isaiah 53:5. Just like the woman with the issue of blood, she knows that she serves the healing God, and apply God’s word and touched His garment4. Finally when helpless apply ps121:1. Because God has assured us that He will be with us till the end of time mt28:20.Remember Seek Gods kingdom and all these other things will be added unto you.God bless you!!!!

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