Why the Belief in Healing the Family Root? Vol. 4, No. 1

Basically in the minds of propagandists of this theory of healing the family root is a unique kind of healing targeted towards trans-generational curses and entanglements between the past and present generations. For them, man’s life on earth attains completion and god-like when it is devoid of poverty, mental problem, barrenness, marriage breakdown, family traits, early death etc., these are always associated with metaphysical causes which must be tackled through their special form of healing prayer warfare in order to make all things well for man.
Worse still, the methodology of this healing the family root-prayer involves an all-night vigil by a prayer group which may last a day or more depending on the Quantity and strength of spiritual forces they claim to be battling with. In cases where a priest is involved, the Eucharist is celebrated amidst pouring buckets of holy water on the people, their properties and on the family ground. Traditional religion artifacts are removed, crucifix and some of the sacramental are put in the ground. As the prayer session is going on, vision, prophecies, forecasting speaking in tongues, exorcism and sending of the “Holy Ghost Fire” to destroy, neutralize, bind, annihilate, remove, scatter, and attack all the evil forces and deeds of our long-dead ancestors and their worship of idols. Moreover, the ‘root healers’ are catered for, by the families that they visited. They take care of their feeding, and their transportation and accommodation. And worst of all, they are made to pay heavy charges levied on them. At the end of the whole exercise and payments, the family is made to assume that their problems have come to an end. However, a closer observation to those families that had organized healing the family root prayer session could testify to the credibility of this belief.
Meanwhile, man’s life here on earth cannot be said to be devoid of ups and down. One thing that should be made clear to Christians is that the presence of certain difficulties in one’s life such as chronic financial problem does not always presuppose spiritual curses. Our forefathers innocently worshipped God the way they knew best and most of them lived a good life more than some Christians today, even though they don’t know Christ. Karl Rharner calls them anonymous Christians. Therefore, the idea of healing the family root is a mere demonization of our African Religion by these unskilled pastors. A clear sense of neglect on the inter-religious dialogue proposed by the Fathers of the second Vatican council precisely on ‘Nostra Aetate.” Such a superstitious belief is impostors. It is myopic and distorted with magical belief. It is only aimed to settle the psyche of the victims for short time and leave them disappointed. Hence, it is condemnable

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