The story of Bartimaeus teaches us something beyond mere restoration of his sight.
It speaks volume to the longing for salvation from physical suffering, oppression and death.
In it, we can see many of the things which we might call the conditions of miracles.
– There is the sheer persistence of Bartimaeus utterly determined to meet the one person whom he longed to confront with his trouble. Even when the crowd wanted to perpetuate his powerlessness by forcing him to be silent, there was a desperate desire that get things done.
His response to the call of Jesus was immediate and eager. The scriptures says he took off his cloak and rise. Abandoning his old identity and possession. Certain chances happen only once as a wave of longing to abandon some habit, and we should not hesitate to it.
He knew precisely what he wanted- sight. Just like going to a doctor for a particular kind of disease. Bartimaeus had a quite inadequate conception of Jesus -son of david but faith made up a hundred fold for the inadequacy. It is not therefore how much we have known Jesus but how our Faith has been able to Amplify the little knowledge through personal encounter with Jesus.
Such that in the end there is a precious touch. He began with need, went on to gratitude and finished with loyalty. That’s a prefect summary of the stages of discipleship.

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