An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: We Cannot be Good Christians if We Are Not Good Citizens

Date: 18th October 2020

Time : 8:30 pm

Venue: Bed Briefing House via Whatsapp

Moderator: Mr. Aza Elias

Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

A citizen is someone who belongs to a country either by birth or through naturalization. Christians are “true” followers of Christ. For we to be good Christians, we need to be good citizens.Question 1: who is a good citizen? A good citizen is someone who abides by the laws governing one’s region, state or country. A good citizen is one who fulfills his duty as a member of a country or a state. Being a good citizen also entails having a burning desire for the good development of the society. Giving to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and God what belongs to God. There are some persons who believe what concerns them is strictly heaven as they are not in any way concerned with anything that transpires in the society they live in. Question 2: if the there is no peace in the society, can the race to heaven be smooth? (In the context of civil unrest.)The Covid19 is an instance. Worship was no longer possible publicly courtesy of the the pandemic. In the conference of catholic Bishops, they brought rules also to aid the government in curtailing the spread of the virus. Should the Bishops have said that they are of heaven and hence they are not going to contribute their quota to curtailing the spread? No. So in adhering to the guidelines, they contributed to putting the spread of the virus in check. There are people who believe Christians should in no way be involved with anything the government does or that they should not be involved with anything concerning the society because “they are not of the world”. What do you think of people who have such mentality? For instance, recently, some persons staged street walk for Christ amidst the #endsars protests. Don’t you think these people see the endsars as a worldy thing? Such act is uncivil, obscure and unchristian because even Jesus the founder of Christianity was well attuned with the Civic responsibilities of his time and taught us to do same. Civic responsibilities are what form part of a society. These “extremists” believe Christians should not be a part of what is being done in the society. Now what we should understand is… The earth is the Lord’s and all that is there of. Even Ceasar belongs to God hence all things ascribed to Ceasar automatically become God’s too. There is no sense separating Christianity and Christians from the participating in the society.Just yesterday, there were some youths who refused to join the endsars protest. They decided to stage a walk for Christ. What do you think of such people?They are sets of persons who behave to be holier and wiser than our Lord Jesus himself who also encouraged us today to do what is right and expected of us in the society by giving to Ceaser Ceaser’s and to God what belongs to God. Question 3: A lot of persons think good Christians should not be part of politics.What do you think about this? Politics is a big thing and has earned for its participants a negative omen about truthfulness but however, Christians who know their faith and stand true to it are encouraged to go into politics to impart positively in the nation. Christians are free to join politics inasmuch as they won’t compromise their faith. Some persons think going to church, donating money, belonging to organizations in the church is a form of settling God and when they go out and do wrong things they say, “we have already given to God now we are giving to Ceasar.” .Is it enough to identify with God in church only and become something else outside the church?Just makes you a hypocrite.Can someone actually settle the worship of God with just belonging to organizations in the church?No. Donating huge sums in church is not worship of God and a lot of persons think donations in church make them saints. This is a very wrong mentality. “Being united for a good purpose and not the wrong purpose”A lot of us have “inherited enemies”. Most times we are united with our enemy’s enemy because we have a common enemy. We are urged as good Christians to be united for the good cause and not the wrong just as Muslims and Christians are united in the end Sars protest.God bless you!

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