People did not need office hours to keep during the time of Jesus. They had time to wait until he came back to them. No wonder in the gospel of today, after the feeding of the 5000 men, the people waited because they believed that Jesus was still around since they saw the disciples leaving with the only one boat and Jesus was not with them. After they had waited for sometime without seeing Jesus, they decided to cross the lake back to Capernaum. They discovered to their utmost surprise that Jesus was already there. To their question about when he had arrived, our blessed Lord simply did not reply for life was too short for unpleasant gossip about journeys.

He rather immediately went straight to the Crux of the matter and said to them “your thoughts ought to have been turned to God who multiplied bread for you, but instead all that you are thinking about is the bread.

This is exactly both the political and pentecostal spirituality of our world today. Most of us have refused to understand that we cannot think about our souls by an unsearchable thought for the stomachs. And so, our Blessed Lord puts his command in one sentence “Don’t work for the food which perishes but for that which lasts for ever and gives eternal life”. Besides, the divine source of that which lasts will definitely assure us of the food that perish but not in a way that we will loose that which lasts forever.

It is as a result of this misplacement of priority that a man may be as rich as Croesus and still have an incompleteness in his life. This is pitiable situation of our politicians, who are both appalling rich and appalling hungry to a point that not even #700 billion public fund of COVID 19 could satisfy them. This is also the agonizing condition of our pentecostal brethren who are both spiritually fanatic and spiritually empty in their Faith lives. The former have totally abandoned Jesus due to the quest for riches while the later run to Jesus for what they intend to gain; open doors and prosperity. Let us Let us not emulate them.

Rather, we are encouraged to search for the face of Jesus who alone can satisfy the hunger for truth for in him, is the Truth of God, the hunger for life for in him is Life more abundant, and the hunger for LOVE for in him is the that outlasts sin and death. Christ alone can satisfy the human heart and soul and make us feel contented with the stomach. He will always remind us “seek ye the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added on to you”.


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