An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Moderator: Mr Kevin Umoette.

Venue: Bed briefing WhatsApp house.

Time: 8:45pm

Date: 2nd May, 2021.

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

Today we’d be discussing and learning from the topic…
*Using active love conquer bearing fruit challenge*

The word love has been a norm in our contextual world, that in most cases we don’t know what to believe to truly be love anymore.
The topic captures very particularly the word “active”, which implies that love is a two faceted practice – it can be passive and it can be active!
Though many of us have experienced active love, many equally have been victims of passive love. In our contemporary world where this is professed everyday, *how can we differentiate between passive and active love?
Now for anything to be active, it must be set on motion and this motion must have an element of life.
That’s why scripture says, *when a grain of wheat falls on the ground and dies, it remains a single grain; but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest*.
The falling of this wheat to ground and remaining a single grain at the same time connotes passivity, ineffectiveness and unproductive but but it’s dying to yield a rich harvest implies the application of productivity, effectivity and activity.
An example is cited with some of the seeds we plant, like the maize, when planted, the seed stays in the ground; absorbs water, the endosperm is exposed and the plumule the sprouts diagonally with the root.
This action sees the seed adjusting to terms and conditions of the ground before exposing its endosperm and then germination follows. It lost its old self in actual sense.
So for one to love actively, he or she must loose his or her old self, this is affected by the conditions of propelling the direction of this love. Just like the maize seed stayed in the ground before germination could be guaranteed, then for man to truly activate the “actual love” resident in him, he must stay in God – that’s why the gospel of today exhorts us with the words of Christ, “I’m the true vine, *’cut off from me, you can do nothing’.

Now the question is, how can we actively love?
The concept of love was explained by Fr. Teclus.

L – to connote the vertical and horizontal…
I.e. it starts from the self before it can be directed to another.
Now this direction to another is through the realization of the need to obey the golden rule; doing unto others what we desire them do unto us!

O – that love is spherical, what goes around comes around!

V – that love has a source, coming from God to man, from man it’s channeled back to God by the way we show to our brothers and sisters in practical sense, for God is love!

E – that love is trinitarian!

By this concept we can say that love must first be realized to come from God, and is bred in ourselves before we can proudly say that we love another.
To love therefore comes with a challenge and that’s how to conquer unproductivity, that’s not bearing fruit!.
These fruits are seen in our works towards the good another man through the application of our time, talent and resources. That’s why the first command of God to man was productiveness. (Gen 1:26).
Whereby this is neglected, the fate of the unproductive tree in Matt 21:19-20 becomes a consequence.
So what measures can we adopt to overcome passive love?
That’s how can we love actively?
– We can do this by allowing the spirit of God to dwell in us and by this he’d instruct, direct and teach us how best to love….
The fruits of the holy spirit will be fully harnessed! The mother of all virtues is patience and through this comes other virtues!
By being patient with one another, we’d be able to show kindness, give joy to another, be faithful, give peace too and so on!
By so doing we’d be able to conquer and quell the difficulty of unproductivity in another.
Believing in them and encouraging them with a genuine and pure love also goes a long way too

How many of us have seen this indian movie: “Like stars on earth”.
While the mother had the love for the child, she didn’t have a clue of how best to love him, the dad gave the child a cold feet and his teachers had a cold feet on him too but one teacher picked an interest in him and from there, things started turning around!

The boy who couldn’t write started doing so and so many other changes were significantly seen!
To conquer, have an interest in the person, grant him or her a conducive environment for growth by correcting and teaching them humanly, place yourself in the person’s shoes and lastly pray for the person!..

With this I believe, we can overcome the challenge of bearing fruit with the level of love we show!

In as much as it’s true and genuine and not being self conceited

General Question and answer:
– What if you have a friend you so much love but somehow you feel she/he does not love you the way you do, what step should be taken?

Answer: It’s normal in most cases to experience that but your feeling should not sway you from loving that friend as oft as you should!

Take a leap from Christ whose life was in practice, the exemplification of love, he loved us even while we were still sinners!

So love your friend even when you feel, you’re not loved the same way!.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed week!.

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