I would like to get some clarifications on this issue disturbing me. Can a believer use a cracked app on his/ her laptop. E.g, there is an app called Bible works which you are suppose to pay before you use the app but, I downloaded the one that have already been cracked. Please, I want to know the theological implications. Is my action right or wrong?

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  1. In a digital age, the Church has been trying to develop a new synthesis in fidelity to her identity and the rich deposit of faith she received from Christ.

    The Church has always approached ethical issues in ways that reflect fruitful dialogue with changing historical situations.

    In a digital civil space, there already are Digital Millennium Copyright Acts (DMCA) which protect the right of producers and users of digital resources. Again the Laudato Si (LS, Nr. 121) of Pope Francis as well as the European data law (EU 2016/679) strengthens individual digital right along side GEMA.

    The church teaches that in a world where information has become a commodity, digital information ought to be protected if they are not to be shared. This protection of intellectual property aligns with Church’s teaching on private ownership which is a big issue handled by Rerum Novarum. We live in a world of digital capitalism.

    Notwithstanding, the church favours cooperative forms of business or organization like sharing economy (LS, 112). If the app is cracked under sharing agreement, there is no moral issue in using it. If the cracking is not licensed, the use of the cracked version by the third party is a promotion of copyright violation, intellectual theft, and occult compensation.

    Felix Uche Akam.

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