Unemployment in Nigeria who is to take blame? Vol. 10. No. 11

Unemployment in Nigeria who is to take blame?

An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: Unemployment in Nigeria who is to take blame?

Date:25th March 2021

Time : 7:00 pm

Venue: Bed Briefing House via WhatsApp

Moderator: Mr. Vitus Egelebe

Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo


Factors that cause unemployment

What are the factors that cause unemployment in the society?

Too many labourers, but little or no vineyard, Slow growth of industralization increase in population, Less saving and investment, defective planning etc.


1.) High and Rapid Population Growth:

One of the major factors responsible for the high level of unemployment in Nigeria is the rapid growth in population. There has been an increase in the growth of the labor forces along with the inadequate supply of jobs. The rapid population growth has been coupled with rural-urban migration. This has increased the population in cities thereby raising the level of joblessness.

2.) Lack of quality education: most employers believe that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. This is the result of the educational program which usually include theories and a lack of practical use of knowledge. Also, most tertiary educational courses lack entrepreneurial training. For example, a graduate of Agriculture knows the theory but lacks necessary skills required in practice.

3.) Lack of infrastructure: Lack of good roads, steady and sustainable power supply has made the economy hostile to investors. The lack of infrastructure has led to the high cost of production. The absence of investors influences the number of available jobs. The operating companies also use fewer people because of the high cost of production.

4.) Unstable and corrupt political environment: Another key problem is poor leadership and high level of corruption in Nigeria. The failure of the government to perform their constitutional duties has resulted in the high level of unemployment. Also, the high level of corruption in Nigeria among politicians has resulted in the mismanagement of the funds and resources supposed to be used for the creation of job opportunities for the people. The politicians are no longer interested on their citizens but on their personal life.

The money that can be used to build companies, industries and firms for job opportunities have been embezzled by the leaders thereby creating scarcity of job for the citizens.


Another one is that the type of corruption that our leaders are operating in is very dangerous to the employees because the politicians will be occupying hundreds of positions and will never want to let others have one

Some even go to the extent of occupying jobs with ghost names.


The effect of unemployment in Nigeria

1. Increase in poverty

2.political instability

3. Social problems


Unemployment has led this country to a bad situation

Today, crime has been lingering to higher level of it’s worst because youths after suffering for financial inadequacy and no job was provided for them they end up looking for options of survival which will end them up in robbery and all kinds of evil.


Killings and all other calamities that are being perpetrated by youths which is aimed at money earning is as a result of lack of job opportunities.


Lack of job can also contribute in mental problems because many people who are expected to take care of their families who are unable to do so sometimes end up in mental problems because of restlessness of mind and when the mind is overstressed it might lead to psychological imbalance.


Many people commit suicide today because after suffering for many years and all the stress passed in school and after service the person will be unable to secure job to feed his family and every responsibility that he supposed to take care of are on his neck he or she will think that suicide us the next option which is not.


Who takes the blame?


Having seen the causes of unemployment who can we actually say should take blame?

1.) The citizens:

Today many people came to be studying but they can not defend their course of study

Giving this type of people jobs will move on causing more harm to the society

Which make some of them incapable for a particular job.

2.) The rich Nigerians who invest their money outside the country instead of using it to build companies and factories to create more job opportunities for Nigerians.

3.) Above all we are to blame the federal government for their relentlessness over the job opportunities for her citizens. The federal government don’t even have the youth of her country in their mind.

They care not about the future of this country. The federal government that does not appreciate the talent of her citizens or whatever the citizens are passing through.

4.) The problem about education today as one of the causes the of unemployment were pioneered by the actions of the federal government and those in authority because the way they treat the citizens after suffering in school and passing through difficulties they will still end up not getting any job

Then this made many student have double minds in their academics, after all those that have graduated have no job yet then who am I?

There by making them to conclude that school is scam

All are as the result of bad governance.


So I believe that if government should at least help to make more avenues that can create jobs for her citizens all these problems will be reduced.




Productive work of the government


To overcome the crisis of unemployment in Nigeria, the government must be effective in performing their duties. A socio-economic environment should be created. The government needs to foresee looming crisis and to make all possible actions to prevent it. It is also very important to understand the scope and types of unemployment in Nigeria.


Industrial friendly environment


The government is to consider each sector of the economy and to provide the necessary infrastructure and industrial friendly environment.

Agriculture is one of the major sectors and the government has to do everything possible to attract private investors. Thus, creating new job opportunities.

Improvement of energy supply and transport system will cut the high cost of production. So, there will be no need to cut jobs.


Reformation of educational system


The educational system needs to be reformed in order to produce skilled graduates, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Practice and research should be priority, not just the theoretical learning.


Also, the government needs to create schools, good amenities, infrastructure and job opportunities in rural areas. This will cut the level of migration to cities, thus reducing high population and unemployment in the cities.


Lastly and most important is that Nigerians also have to play their part in reducing the level of unemployment in the country. We need to change our attitude to the future of the country during the election period. We need to understand our responsibility. We should vote for people with credibility, answers and readiness to work. This will determine the conditions of life in the country. Our future is in our hands.


God bless you!

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