Thank you in advance. I have been having a particular dream and it is as follows: I always see my self playing football with the instructions that ONCE I SCORE THE GOAL THINGS WILL CHANGE GENERALLY FOR GOOD but in most of these dreams one or two person will be blocking it and atimes when I am close to score, a person will hold the ball and referee will give me a penalty to score then I will wake up. Please my main concern is that I cannot understand its meaning and what is required of me to get to my divine destination(scoring this goal). Please help me good people. THANKS ONCE AGAIN.


  1. Unaccomplished Dream:
    Dreams are usually difficult to interpret correctly. However, it seems that dreams may be from one of two sources. They may be from a divine source or they may be from the dreamer. If one considers the existence of telepathic communications, where a person can communicate with another by thought only, then that may be a third source of dreams.

    From the testimonies of people who have had divine messages or revelations through dreams, the circumstances of the dream usually leaves the receiver in no doubt as to its divine, or at the very least, its unusual source. Some people come to recognise such dreams from previous occurrences. Most dreams that we have, however, come from ourselves. They are playouts, in our subconscious minds, of feelings, thoughts, worries, fears, excitements, pleasures and other experiences that had occupied or occurred to us during our waking hours, as well as conditions that we may be undergoing while sleeping.

    I am inclined to think that the dreams reported above are of the latter kind. They seem to reflect concerns regarding success in life or in a specific undertaking, about which success is yet to be achieved. The author should not worry about scoring the goal in the dream. Rather he/she should examine his/her pre-occupation in real life with a view to resolving the obstacles to success therein.

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