Traditional marriage without church wedding, is it incomplete or complete marriage?

Tochukwu Okafor seeks for clarification at the house.


  1. Traditional marriage is good but Church wedding is more important as a Christian.

    Traditional marriage is just a sign that the parents of the bride are in support of the marriage, which is nice, but should not replace the Christian wedding.

  2. Rev Fr Ben Agbo in his words to the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students during the Valentine week talk on faith said. It is a mockery to God that after the church wedding, you still go around with a cup looking for your husband whilst you have already been joined with him. He considers this a blasphemy to the sacrament already received

    1. It depends on the perspective you view it from.

      You can see it, not as searching for her husband, but trying to show her kindred the man she married.
      Remember, when the wine is given to her, she’s asked not to look for her husband but to show them the “apple of her eye.”

      Even when God has approved your marriage, there is still need to seek your father’s and in-laws’ blessings.

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