In that Parable of the wheat and tales, why is it that the weeds were planted when the sower was asleep?

Let me begin by explaining what sleeping means in this context. In the context of the Parable of the kingdom, we cannot say that God was sleeping when Satan planted evil deeds because God cannot be sleeping. Rather sleeping here means that God was silent in the sense that he allowed Satan to plant the evil, just as he allowed in time of Job.

Therefore the weed can be planted only when God allows it because nothing can happen to God’s children without his approval and he allows such for our own good though beyond human comprehension.

Therefore in whatever condition you find yourself, be patient for God will send his Messengers to uproot those bad moments at the appropriate timeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

In addition; evil has no first & last word :the seeds were sown first before the weeds, and the weeds were removed first and burnt during harvest. Therefore, never be discouraged in doing good!

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