It is about the destruction of humanity caused by the fruit of the tree ( Gen 3) and the reconstruction of humanity caused by the event of the Cross (in Jn 19) to be sustained by the fruit of the spirit in Gal 5. The story of Gen 3 tells us how the blissful harmony of the garden of Eden came to an abrupt end, a tragedy that man and woman brought upon them. In other words, evil does not come from God, but from human beings. How? I will tell you. God had made everything good, but then our first parent spoiled creation because they were attracted by a false idea. They thought that they would be happier if they could follow their whims and passions rather than trust in God.

And so, the story of this tragedy had three moments: temptation, fall & judgement. There was a temptation because of a forbidden fruit, there was a fall because of the emergence of disobedience and the act of disobedience caused judgment. This judgment occurred in three counts.

1. The friendly relationship between God and human being was marred.

2. The simple harmony between human being themselves was destroyed ( blaming each other).

3. And the peace between man and nature was distured as the seed of enmity is sown between them and their offspring.

According to a number of Africa myth, there was a time when heaven was very close to earth and human being could converse with God. But this relationship ended because of some human offence against God. What African myth do not seem to have is any hope that God would restore the original harmony between heaven and earth. This is where the biblical story about the event of the Cross with its promise of salvation, is goodnews to Africans. Because it was on that Cross that the reconciliation process was completed and he handed us over to his mother and handed over to the spirit.

Therefore, our sustenance in the salvation won for us is dependent on the Mother of he who died for our salvation through who we could bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit sown in us. God sustains, saves and strengthen us ever more when recognise his holiness and praise him for who he really is.

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