An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.




Date: 18th April, 2021.


Moderator: Mr Kevin Umoette


Venue: Bed briefing WhatsApp house.


Time: 8:30pm


Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.





The resurrection of Christ may remain a controversy amongst the Jews to this day but this reality is the basis of Christianity and thus becomes something worthy of experiencing than envisioning.

In the readings the readings of today, we can see the exhortations of Peter to the people on their ignorance of denying Christ and the state upon which the two disciples were on the road when Jesus appeared to them.

It presents therefore to us the conditions that makes one remain sceptical about the resurrection of Christ.

Now the question is; “how can one know that the resurrection of Christ is a reality rather than a mere teaching or more to say, a vision?”

– “Personal encounter”.

From the accounts of the resurrection, which we’ve heard for few weeks now; we can say it really a fact that personal encounter is what measures the reality of Jesus’ resurrection

In essence, “experience”.

Now, we can see that at each point Jesus kept appearing to them and after greeting them with the greetings of peace, would go as far as showing them his hands and feet

This invariably concretized this saying – “seeing is believing”.

Why was Jesus always showing them his hands and feet after greeting them the greetings of peace?

He first and foremost gave the disciples the opportunity of experiencing him after his resurrection.

The reason for his constant showing of the marks of his crucifixion was to boost their *”believing system”* – that’s, to heighten their impetus!

The clear example can be seen in the case of St. Thomas!


We can remember the encounter he had was what made him exclaim with much affirmation and conviction “My Lord and My God”.

Thomas doubted the experience of the other disciples encountering Christ and Christ knowing fully well that Thomas’s conviction on his resurrection was needed a fuel for the propagation of the gospel, he came back only for him.


In our present world, human reasoning is threatening so many beliefs even that of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.


How can we who have a knowledge and conviction about about this bring these people to belief in it too?

How can the message of the reality of Christ’s resurrection be presented to this generation which is challenged by human reasoning?

– It’s the spirit of God that gives illumination and understanding. And sometimes we have to let down reason and allow the spirit to find expression, because the Bible said God hides certain things from the wise and learned but reveals them to mere babes

So most times we have to let down our reason and intellect to really understand the things of God in this case the message of the reality of Christ’s redirection.

In all, the power of His resurrection can only preached and lived out efficiently when we after experiencing (personal encounter) Him in all every facet of life and our believing system (faith) boosted by:


1. Activating the resurrection power inside us by speaking and acting on it through the our lives – Rom 8:11, Phil 3:10 and Rev 1:18.


2. Live healed through this power.


Thank you for your time!!! And God bless you….. The last but not least, “Happy Mothering Sunday to all our Catholic mothers”.

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