The Menace of Religious Fanaticism in the 21st Century Vol.8 No. 12

An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.

Topic: The Menace of Religious Fanaticism in the 21st Century

Date: 14th August 2020.

Venue: Bed Briefing Telegram House.


Time: 7:15pm

Collation: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie, Member of the team “Let’s Talk It App”

The Menace of Religious Fanaticism in the 21st Century

This topic focuses on so many things concerning religion, about how people have made their religious beliefs to rule them and cause damages to the lives of others.
How we have turned our religion into fighting against humanity has become a source of pain to others. When it comes to life, religion has no right to take it because God alones owns our lives and He alone has the right to take it. But then, what do we say in the aspect of Nigerian Sharia that sentenced a “22 years old Nigerian” to death. This is the highest inhumanity and even God frowns at one taking a life he didn’t give.
People feel they can fight for God. They are a lot of people whose religion made them believe/feel they are more righteous than the rest. Religious fanaticism has reduced Nigeria to the ruins through Boko Haram insurgency, masquerade display etc. it has instilled laziness in the life of people in the sense that some Christians spend all day at the adoration ground doing nothing to improve the well being of the society. Islams believe that they are born to lead and they see other persons as less, some pastors uses the money gotten from the poor masses to develop the churches instead of using it to create revenues for employments.

Case study of how religious fanaticism is practiced:
A certain lady attends a certain church which rules state that the members of the church are prohibited from visiting the hospital especially when they are sick. When the child of this lady fell sick, she couldn’t defile the church rule which almost led to the death of the child. But the child was taken to the hospital by the lady’s sister who persisted.
Religious beliefs have brought so many rules. Rules that doesn’t relate to religion or salvation. A church might just begin now and they might be up a rule that high heels are prohibited or the church prohibits sleeveless simply because they dont want them to expose their armpits and other cases like that. In this case study, a dying child that needs medical attention is being deprived of it simply because the church prohibits it. What now happens if the child should die? These rules don’t teach its members how to have faith that God heals. It would have been better the child was taken to the hospital and at the same time putting her faith in God.
When it comes to giving out blames, some of our religious leaders are not helping matters. They instill in the believer the notion that faith alone is religion.
In conclusion:
God has given us every knowledge necessary to protect our lives, yet we abandon them and keep searching for miracles..
Before Christ/ Mohammed came to existence, the world practiced the kind of religion here fanaticism was the order of the day. But everything changed after the death of Christ. These days, Christians still believe that one must align with a particular belief before their faith is accepted. Religious Fanaticism has really caused a great problem for the church, for the world and for the society at large; people would rather prefer self proclaimed righteousness to what the true worship of God is. If you go to the bible, Jesus did a whole lots of telling about humanity saying that it is paramount to the kingdom of God, he never judged, condemned or wrote anyone off, so therefore, we should emulate him, learn to be like him, that no matter how holy we think we are, let’s give others a chance and treat them as human beings who have dignity and respect.
We can be religious believers and still think. Religion should not cause anyone untold pains and hardship, religion is meant to restore hope and not destroy it.
People who are Christians do not even talk with other Christians because they do not belong to same organization as themselves and this should not be so. Let us all fight as hard as not to be like Eugenein the book “Purple Hibiscus” by Chimamanda Adichie.
Finally, if our level of Christianity and faith isn’t as high as our level of Humanness, we are wasting our time. Lets stop making people depressed because of our belief and religion.

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