The Menace of Free Will on Humanity. Vol.2, No.20

The immediate past tecsthought series reached a logical conclusion of the fact that man’s free choice is the cause of evil in the world and not God himself. Including the physical evil that pose to be one the hottest debate that challenged tecsthought last week from our finest contributors; Emmanuel and Spunky. Nevertheless, I would have suggested that God should be called up for interrogation for not sufficiently equipping man to make a good choice from the onset. But then, it could be observed that those who do various crimes are not the ignorant, the unlettered, the poorest in mind or body. It is the well to do in many respects. They know what they are doing, they have chosen the evil way and refused to listen to numerous teachings. They have closed their hearts, preferred the way of perdition and chosen to be lost. Mtcheeeew!

Far more significantly, we do not know what extent we cause most of evils on this earth. How many slaughters could have been avoided? how many accidents could have been dissuaded? And even how many earthquake could have been controlled in spite of the fact that the earth has been corrupted as a result of the fall of man? Very often, man suffers misfortune due to some political factors, religious beliefs and social revolutions. Western countries, for instance, who boast of being architects and promoters of peace, are the chief producers or the main traffickers of weapons of mass destruction. With cynical hyphens, they sell them to the poor nations and exchange, them for their mineral or petroleum resources. Of course, from Islamic fundamentalists, we have felt gory experiences at the cruel hands of BokoHaram and Fulani herdsmen, who burn down our churches, spill blood, raped our women in our own farmlands and abandon the helpless Christians without honor, hated and hunted even more. The issue of political conservatism raising dust in Europe by the Neo-Nazi Germans against the Jews, Supremacy of the whites against the African Americans and even in the same America, the Ku Klux Klan, who are also raging against the white supremacists and the silence of Donald Trump about the whole ugly trend. Sebastian Kurtz of Austria who knew the increasing menace of Islamic fundamentalists, seems to be more concerned about his quest for power and fame in Austria to the deteriment of the refugees. Everyone is set to exercise freedom and the world is set on fire. The plans of South Korea against the United States is a different ball game.

On the moral level, this search for absolute free will implies the gradual, indiscriminate rejection of ethical rules and principles. It is an estrangement from God that is not caused by reasoning but by wish to be detached from him. This is because God is considered as someone who is an obstacle to confine our will by imposing laws. God who gave man free will now becomes the enemy of autonomy and liberty. Wishing to be totally free, man has refused what he considered to be constraints and even goes so far as to reject any form of dependence on God. He rejects the authority of God, who nevertheless created us free so that, by the reasonable exercise of our freedom, we might go beyond our wild impulses and take all our instincts by taking full responsibility of our life and growth.

The rejection of God is situated on a movement of scientific and technological conquest that characterize Europe on the early eighteenth century. Science that should have brought man closer to divine love, the true light that enlightens us, guides us, and shows us the path of life, now separate man from God. Besides, the agonizing effects of a man’s absolute liberty are glaring at the chaos and disaster in lrag, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, afghainstan, Democratic Republic of Kongo, Mali and even Nigeria. But my consolation is unique; in vast regions of the world, suffering has not made people loose their faith and hope. It was through this hope that the Philipians exclaimed in 2013, “Typhoon Haiyan leveled everything, destroyed everything in its path except our faith, which remained firmly planted like rock in the middle of a turbulent sea!” I therefore ask, in the midst of Nigeria crisis and sufferings, where have we planted our faith? We shall access this as soon as we conclude November series.

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