The Gospel of New Creation and the Ministry of John the Baptist: Lesson for Christians Today Vol. 9, No. 12

An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.

Topic: The Gospel of New Creation and the Ministry of John the Baptist: Lesson for Christians Today…..

Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.

Date: 6th December, 2020.

Moderator: Mr. KevinMario Sylvester Umoette.

.Time: 8:30pm

..Collator: Miss Adaobi Ifeoma Obiekezie.

Our topic says:The Gospel of New creation and the ministry of John the Baptist: Lesson for today’s Christians…..The concept of new creation is no new message to most of us especially in season of Advent, where we receive several messages reminding us the need to cleanse our hearts and become new in Christ.Being found in the new testament, related to the new life and new man (i.e spiritual rebirth in Christ Jesus), but with reference also to the Genesis “old creation”.We are well aware that in the time of creation, all that God created, he saw that it was good…*****Our first question for the night is, “what caused this good creation of God to become an old creation”? Could it be a predestination or?It might actually be the sins of our first parents Adam and Eve….The account of creation has told us so, which have all come to an agreement with.But my question is, was is it predestined that man should fall so as to seek being a new creation?Let us not forget that God was always in constant communication with man then!Of which He still is, this day…Answer: Not at all…. Because God meant good for his creatures but it was the carelessness of man that brought about the new creation.The carelessness of man made it so.In essence, you imply to non-alertness of man to the workings of the spirit!In more practical terms, man wasn’t alert to Workings of his conscience (freewill as stated.So now we’ve established why Christ urged his disciples to be alert in order not to fall into temptation.We can recall that in the gospel of the John, from the stating statement it says: in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, which mirrors the beginning of creation.Being of the full knowledge that the new testament is the fulfilment of the old, we’d bear in mind too that the falling of man needed a reparation, hence the sending of Jesus Christ!So the gospel of new creation as I highlighted earlier on to be the testament of new life and new man, is call on us who have known Christ and accepted him as Lord and Saviour.Question2: How therefore then can one become a new man? Answer: Anyone who is in Christ Jesus, is a *new creature*(a new man) all thinks are passed away……Ephesians 2:10, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” The old, Adamic creation could not be said to be in any sense “in Christ,” so this must therefore be speaking of new creation.For those of us who have gone through the Mortfortian way, you’d bear with me that four knowledge are needed to make one fully understand how to imbibe the teaching of Christ and ways to strive towards living a holy life.The knowledge of self is the first knowledge2nd is knowledge of the world3rd is that of ChristAnd finally that of Mary.Now the one that really aids man to become a new creation (born again) are two basic knowledge if I must say… That of the self and that of the worldBecause Christ teaches the us in the self when he promised the gifting of the holy spirit (to teach and direct us) and in the world (when he wore the human form and lived an exemplary life)….These two basic knowledge is what gives us an edge towards the journey of becoming a new man and bearing the new life…..Now to the gospel of John the Baptist…As recorded in the book of the prophet Isaiah, “a voice cries in the wilderness”.Prepare a way for the Lord…and the rest is what we know.In the Jewish tradition, two places are where God was/is always encountered;The mountain, and The wilderness.Question3: why did John the Baptist have to preach his gospel from the wilderness?Answer: That’s is detachment…He needed to detach himself from his comfort zone and prepare himself in prayer and abstinence in order to get himself ready for the great task of preaching repentance.Now lets us remember we’re weaving through the old to the new creation and the gospel of John the Baptist…Now remember before God stated creation, “the Earth was void and formless”, so too is the wilderness!The wilderness is place of self discovery through our conscious effort to attune more towards what’s right than what’s wrong!It’s a location of detachment, penance and plea seeded with prayers.So John the Baptist took to the wilderness to show us the need for detachment from the world; pleas for forgiveness of our sins and endeavouring to stay true to what’s right.John the Baptist had challenges in the course of preaching the gospel of repentance to the Jews in his time. And while it’s one that bear some lessons for today’s Christians.Question4: What do you think one should do if and when challenged by similar confrontations of John the Baptist?Answers: 1. Perseverance,praying for them and living out the gospel value…2. John conquered his challenges because he lived his message, talked to the heart of their hearts, was humble to the core and pointed to someone beyond himself. And that is our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us do same and we shall overcome our challenges.3. Being truthful no matter the consequence, just like in the case of Herod’s daughter..Question5: But where the virtue of patience has become a challenge in this age and time, how do you work this out to become a common DNA?

Answer: The DNA of impatience has crept in and has seem to get a grip on a better and greater percentage of the populace we’ve today in the world…and though to sniff it out becomes a task for those who understand the principles of perseverance and patience and learn a way to impart and impact it too.In that way, the virtue can be passed on!….I’m essence…..Lack of Patience is a special problem and identity of those who have lost hope and trust in God. For those who have the true knowledge of God, they know very well that the Mills of our God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine. Let us hang on to Him and we will never regret being with him. His power is not of kabash that acts and destroys arbitrarily. He alone knows the way and we are Blessed who are following him patiently to beautifully grind our own mills. Never you change your mind even when the raging storm seems unbearable because he has seen the end from the beginning. In conclusion:The gospel of new creation and the ministry of John the Baptist: a lesson for today’s Christians points:1. The need for man to be alert about things concerning him and his environments, first through the knowledge of himself and the world (through the imitation of Christ himself).2. That being born again isn’t just accepting Christ as one’s personal Lord and Saviour but letting go of the old ways and attuning to the new.3. That best place for self discovery is the wilderness – that in while here there’s always a message of hope as recorded in the book of the prophet Isaiah in our reading of today.4. We should endeavor to emulate those who have set the pace of goodness like John the Baptist!5. Learn the virtue of patience and impart same to others!Thank you and God bless you!!!!!!!

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