Tecsthought Clocks 2 with 104 Articles! Thank You Lord!!! Vol. 5, No.1

tecsthought.com is an online thought provoking an insightful series, that began to feature series of articles uninterruptedly from the first week of January 2017 till this present moment. It was designed by a classmate, Rev. Obasiohia Geoffery.
The aim is to carefully express the goodness, beauty and truth of God’s kingdom in a manner that is educative, and comprehensible to the contemporary society. This is done under the guidance of the Church who is the mother and teacher of every human discipline from the ethical point of view. And as a result, or by extension, it is geared to strike the conscience and not to wound the hearts of the people. Its Philosophy of life is “God in all, through the church” while the tagline remains Educating and inspiring the masses.
Tecsthought series has two categories: Philosophy and Today & You. Under Philosophy & Theology, my lecturers have been of great help. Tecsthought, since its establishment has been reflecting on and making almost all the courses relevant to the existential condition of the present day society. That is to say, inside tecsthought, any course from theology one to theology four has a space. Courses like Sacramental Theology, New Testament and Old Testament exegesis, Church History, Patrology, Dogma, Gratia, Trinitas, Moral theology, Ecclesiology, even Psychology and so on are all contained in tecsthought. But Greek and Hebrew are implied. Meanwhile, for the moment, only theology one and two topics have been uploaded and they are presented in a way that even market women will be able to comprehend.
Tecsthought has not been able to cover other classes because the site also deals with extra-curricular issues under the category of Today & You. And in fact, since this year 2018, almost all the series seem to have featured under this category. There you see issues like Ita ntutu, Igba Okwa, healing the family root, Witchcraft, Family values, Human sexuality, Why human suffering, Problem of Evil, Ancestral curse, The sacredness of life. Youth identity and friendship, Courtship and Marriage etc.
Tecsthought.com runs in series of volumes and numbers. A particular volume covers 26 articles within the 6 months. That is to say no week without an article. And in a year, tecsthought runs a total number of 52 articles on different spheres of life. For instance, in the year 2017, it was recognized that tecsthought uninterruptedly covered every week of the year in order to realize 52 articles. And throughout the year 2018, there has been no week without at least a full paged single line spacing write-up with font size of 12, time new roman font type. From this week, we are entering into the fifth volume of tecsthought.
The most personal question that friends in the social media and real world usually throw-up to me is how do I manage to sustain the site? The secret of every success is consistency and consistency is maintained when there is real passion expressed in God’s grace.
For instance, at the inception of the 2nd semester of my first academic year in Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu (in 2011), when I started with Kelvin Ndubisi something that came to be known as Bigard Broadcasting Corporations (BBC), the greatest obstacle came from some friends and colleagues. Even in my third year, I was combining BBC work with my function at the Vatican WC first floor right, yet I was in possession of every detail of Bigard events and Rector’s conferences from February 2011 to January 2013. Theologians working in different publications Torch, Thinkers, and so on, were coming to my room in order to update their edition. And today, after 8 years, there is virtually no Bigard event that is not in BBC office. That is the passion.
In tecsthought.com, the very first official article that I published was “No Crisis, no Identity.” Tecsthought was born out of crisis which I may not like or even have the time to narrate due to security reasons, but today, tecsthought is graciously and gradually having an identity. My conviction in life is that when God’s grace encounter one’s passion in life, it can skyrocket to any height of your choice considering the amount of strength and insight exerted to the adventure.
Another frequently asked question is how do I accommodate tecsthought with my academic life? Obviously, many feel that tecsthought will not offer me enabling environment to excel in academics, but on the contrary, it is enhancing my academic life. Well, it depends on one’s conception of academics.
Against the backdrop of these questions, it may interest you to know that I make out more time for my class work than tecsthought. And by so doing, I gather more material for tecsthought since I discuss class issues in tecsthought.com. Moreover, articles to cover tecsthought for about 3-6 months are mostly taken care of during break. And thanks to James Okolie who assists in typing.
What actually takes me time in tecsthought is the ability to make out time to respond to comments and questions from readers, whenever I publish an article for the week. However, such constructive and positive reactions constitute one of my greatest sources of encouragement.
The last but not the least question seems to be lucrative in disguise. And that is, how much money do I make from Google?
Under the auspices of a friend and classmate, Chibuike Uwakwe, I requested for adsense from goggle, in less than two weeks, it was granted and I was asked to upload adverts in tecsthought. Unfortunately, I procrastinated the demand until another request came for me to renew the adsense, which I am yet to do. Procrastination came because the passion to make money from it is not yet there. Tecsthought was born out of financial crisis, but not identified with financial gains. This is predicated on the fact that I discovered something more than that for which it was born out of. And for me, that is the greatest of all treasures, that I am growing in knowledge and a better relationship with God. The second is that God is making himself known to many through me. Therefore, the aim remains my tagline : educating and inspiring the masses.
In conclusion, lending credence to the Biblical excerpt which says, seek first God’s kingdom and every other thing will be added to you, I wish to express the confidence and certainty that in no distant time, that money will come at the appropriate time. I also have a dream that in no distant time, no issue related to God, will you search in tecsthought without being satisfied.

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