An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.





Date: 8th August, 2021.


Moderator: Miss Ojobo Kingsley.


Venue: Bed briefing WhatsApp house.


Time: 8:30pm


Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.




Before we delve into the mysteries of today’s reading, there is need to trace the backgrounnd of what took place before today’s own reading.

[8/8, 8:51 PM] Mute: Before the first reading (1Kings 19:4-8),

Elijah defeated and killed all the prophets of Baal, after which he fled for his life because Jezebel had threatened to kill him.

Then, today’s first reading started as Elijah got tired, worried, and even depressed. He wished and prayed to die but God’s Angel fed him with the bread of heaven which strengthened him for the Journey to God’s holy mountain.

In the gospel of St John chapter 6; Jesus fed 5000 men, after which they sought for him and found him at the other side of the lake. They looked for Jesus because they “want some more” bread, but the story changed when Jesus said, “I’m the bread of life.”

Here comes today’s Gospel reading (Jn 6:41-51), they murmured and did not believe because they knew Jesus’ family background. Jesus reiterated that he is that bread that provides strength for the journey to heaven, that bread is his flesh.

In today’s second reading, St. Paul presented the attitude expected of those that have eaten this bread of life. And the Psalmist invites us to “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”What we are tasting is that bread of life, Christ’s flesh which is the Holy Eucharist.

Therefore, our topic of discussion is: *Taste and see that the lord is good*.

Having arrived at this point, I call on everyone to make his/her contributions in line with the following questions:

1. And Elijah prayed, “it is enough now; oh Lord, take away my life…” Is this a Christian prayer?

– Yea, It’s a prayer of a Christian in agony.

♨️Many might see this as a non Christian prayer, but a little sincerity will remind us how and when we directly or indirectly said such prayer. Truthfully, Christian life is full of tribulations that must be faced, if there is an Elijah their must be a Jezebel to torment him. Job said such prayer, Moses and David also did likewise. In fact, even Jesus at some point felt the agony of his passion. But the good news is that they just wished to die, they never tried to take their lives themselves.

As a Child of God, don’t be surprised to experience depression, you might wish and even pray to die, but never think of taking away your life by yourself. Say no to suicide, like Elijah, you can lie down and sleep, an angel is on his way to feed you.


2. Do you think God answers such prayer?

– He doesn’t,instead He makes a name for Himself.


3. Why is it that the same Elijah that defeated the Prophets of Baal (450 men) became afraid of one woman? Why didn’t he remain, because God will surely save him?

– ♨️ It’s only a tree that hears of its execution and still remains unmoved. We have the responsibility to save our lives. He faced the prophet of Baal to prove the power and supremacy of God, he ran away from Jezebel to preserve his life. The people had seen the power of God, so fighting Jezebel is just a waste of resources. The Prophets didn’t come to kill him, but Jezebel was after his life. “You don’t chest bullet because you are wearing “chosen-mopol apron”.

Luke 4:29-30

“They rose up, dragged Jesus out of town, and took him to the top of the hill on which their town was built. They meant to throw him over the cliff, but he walked through the middle of the crowd and went his way.” Even Jesus did not wait to see how God will save him.


4. What can we deduce or infer from Elijah’s first and second sleep?

– ♨️ The first sleep was as a result of depression. Instead of committing suicide, he gave himself to the will of God, he lay down and slept, hoping that from sleep he will ‘rest in peace.’

The second sleep was as a result of fulfillment, he ate and slept off.

When you eat the bread of life, your sleep will be peaceful.


5. Why was it necessary that Elijah eats the second time?

– ♨️ God is all-knowing, he knows what will be enough for the journey. Our own responsibility is to eat when he provides. He had seen the Journey and knew that Elijah would “want some more” and he provided, even without Elijah asking for it.

If I may ask, what stops you from receiving the Holy Eucharist on a daily (or at least weekly) basis. God knows how necessary the Eucharist is, and gave us the gift of Priests to provide the Eucharist for us daily.

Make peace (with God) and know peace (in his bread of life).


General Question:

How do we taste to see that the lord is actually good in our life?.


To taste simply means to eat. You taste God by eating his flesh which is the Eucharist and by studying the word of God. Just try this two things and see how good the Lord is.

Sometimes people misplace this TASTE to mean TEST,

Thereby putting God to the Test to ascertain God’s strength. But that is unchristian and should be avoided.

There was this man I met today, the man came across a better food, that gave him strength for the journey ahead. He ate and had peace.

“Abeg, o boi come chop,” the chef said to him. He TASTEd the food, and even ate double ration. He knew peace only when he TASTEd food.


In the same vein,

We are invited to TASTE, and not just to TEST. When you TEST, you will be awed by the manifestation of God’s power, but when you TASTE, you will feel God’s goodness by gaining strength for the journey to heaven.

Elijah ‘TESTed’ what God can do, and saw the power of God as he defeated the prophets of Baal, yet he remained worried and depressed. But when he ‘TASTEd’ the bread of life, he gained strength to complete his journey with joy and fulfillment.

You have the option to either TEST or TASTE, to seek WONDERS or to seek LIFE.

Choose wisely.


Thank you and God bless you!!!!!.

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