Striking a balance between Acadmic life and social life …Vol. 10. No. 13

An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


TOPIC: Striking a balance between Acadmic life and social life …


DATE: 15th April, 2021.




VENUE: Bed briefing Telegram house.


TIME: 8:30pm


Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.


Before we start, what do you understand as Social life and academic ??


Alot of people today don’t understand any notion between Acadmic and social life ,some feel its two concepts that are conflicting so .


Let’s understand the meaning of the two , Acadmic life and social life ?


– Social life is a communication between an individual and his/her peer group.

But then, does it affect our academic life? Yes!! Both positively and negatively!


– Academic life is the life of an individual in an academic environment. But then, does it mean that there’s no communication in an academic environment?


Students thinks that academic life missed with Social life can limit someone from achieving his or her goals why is it so ??

Why do you people especially students find it hard to even go for ordinary departmental or faculty events?

– It is so because some people get carried away by social activities. They are not able to set priority at any particular point in time.


How could people set these types of priority ?


Social life is an extra curricular activity not strictly restricted to the classroom thats why we observe SUG WEEKS.

This is because they feel they should just follow one course

Asking them to merge it is like, asking them merge multiple tasks which could affect their priceless academic goal .

Think Thats why we are having this discussion to show how to effectively make these duo live together in peace cause its a must

Social/academic life.

In addition to this they feel academics is the reason for them being in the school environment…

So their major interest is placed where their parents sent them to.

Does that mean that inferiority complex could be playing out here ??


But is social life evil ? People in school I thinks social life is evil and demonic. It’s like a Devil that wants to destroy people…..

– it depends on individuals.


A student of unn once told me that social events is where cultists get their members and they recruit people tooo… What could be the reason behind that ??


– Because the individual in question might have encountered such a scenario during the so-called social events. So therefore, generalization could be the problem.


Do we think the society like the parents, School administrators and even lecturers are reasons why students shy away from social activities ??

– No! Social activity is an individual opinion.


It cannot be influenced because Some can feature in all these activities and still excel well in their academics.

This is just a matter of knowing what works well for you at any particular point in time.


Do we think social events and activities is good for students development??

– YES!!



So we agreed that social events is important for this reasons



1. To develop emotional intelligence

Social events develop social skills and empathy—the outward-oriented dimensions of emotional intelligence (EQ). The interactions or conversations elicited by events helps students build relationships, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures. Social events provide an opportunity to expand one’s social circle.


2. To take a break

All work with no breaks diminishes productivity. It’s good to take one’s mind off the troubles of exams or reports from time to time—something that participating in events can provide. Whether it’s by watching a movie or volunteering for a fundraiser, a “study break” lets students recuperate by focusing on activities that exercise other creative, mental muscles.


3. To build relationships

Participating in on-campus social events enables students to meet people who share common interests and individuals who can help them academically, or even professionally. Relationship-building is a good habit that students need to learn because the world of work requires aptitude in negotiation, communication and, well, more networking.


Moving on before we conclude..



Do you have anything to say to students who think that social events is evil and who would not even think of engaging in it ?


– All I have to tell them is this social events is not evil he/she should be flexible about their convictions or beliefs about social events but to know it’s a way of meeting new people, new ideologies,. understanding new cultures and other religions apart from yours.

Like the normal saying that some people passed through school but didn’t allow school to pass through them.

– I will tell them that social event is not even because It is a kind of interaction between one and the society. One day, even after academics the person would leave school and then face the society, then how will the person treat cases in the society if that person is unable to participate in social activities?


Words of encouragement:

– Create breaks in every productive activity be it work academics use those to cool off thats why even CEO go on vacations, more importantly this activity help you relax reflect and come back better than you were.

– Remember that social and academic lives are both important in an individual’s life. If you are very intelligent but don’t know how to associate with people around you then it’s not balanced, so as you are concentrating on your academic life, concentrate also on your social life because there are two sides of the same coin.



In conclusion;


Its important to strike a balance between acadmic and social life especially when both are intertwined and work together .


Therefore, From the moment you set foot on campus, there are a million things going on. With a full course load, floor meetings and events, clubs, on-campus activities, and studying, it can get pretty intense balancing your life and trying to make sense of your daily schedule. Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


But, since college is all about learning new things and having new experiences, it’s understandable that you want to be involved in as many things as possible. So, how do you fit it all in?! Easy, just use these 5 simple strategies.


1. Create a schedule

It is impossible to stay on track and keep everything organized without a schedule. This can be kept in a student planner, on your wall, or in your smartphone, but you HAVE to have one. Start out by putting in your class times, then block out specific times to study each week. By committing a specific time of the day to studying, you’ll be creating a routine that will help you stay on track with your classwork.


After you’ve set up your class and study schedule, add in your extracurricular activities and job, if you have one. It can be helpful to color code your activities so that it is easy to differentiate between the types of actives you have going on.


2. Set Goals

I love setting goals for myself and it is a great way to get yourself into the right mindset. At the beginning of each term, write down your goals for that semester. Whether it’s a certain grade, better time management, or something specific to the coursework, set a goal and write it down.


The simple act of writing it down will make it more official and therefore harder to ignore. Posting your goals somewhere that you’ll see them every day–on your mirror or computer for example–will help you to keep them in mind and help you to stay on track.



3. Surround yourself with a solid support system

The people you surround yourself with can have a major effect on all aspects of your daily life, even if you don’t realize it as it is happening. Surrounding yourself with people who don’t support your decisions or don’t think you can do it will quickly, and negatively impact your performance.


Likewise, finding someone in your classes to be friends with is a great way to keep yourself on track. Having someone to ask for advice in tough situations or to commiserate over your least-favorite professor goes a long way!


Set your Piorities and Maintain them, never let yourself be carried away no matter what.


Thanks to everyone for today and for your time ,it was a lovely discussion which will shape the lives of every students across the world..

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