I have a lady I met on the course of my NYSC far northern Nigeria we got talking along the line I fell in love with her even to the point of marrying her, after my service year despite the distance the relationship even got stronger than before that she confided in me and I do that too.

But recently I started noticing some kind of distancing between us. I asked and she said there is no problem, until after much persuasion on Tuesday she opened up to tell me that she no longer feels the same way she does for me.

BEFORE then there’s this family friend of hers that she has always cherished but didn’t have anything to do with him then, but now she tends to have strong feelings for him.

What do I do?


  1. Distance and poor communication can push warm relationship into the cold corner. You need to quickly increase the rate of communication, including going there by making the sacrifices. If has become too cold about you and you can’t make the sacrifices, forget the relationship and look inwards for new and enduring relationship. At your stage don’t force relationship at all costs. God has a way of preventing you from from continuing with a relationship that might fail in future. Zeph

    1. Also, keep praying for her so that if she’s yours and there is anything distracting her, God will perfect everything. Be strong.

  2. Out of sight is still out of mind despite the modern technology. All you need to do is press harder on your “communication accelerator”. And don’t give up until you win her totally over to your side. Good luck and God’s special blessings.

  3. One of the facts that keep long distance relationship strong is constant communication.

    There might be a little gap and someone filled the gap.

    You can get her if you are determined.
    Fasten your seatbelts. Never stop the communication and make efforts to see her. Plus, give it time too.

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