Sex is like Knowledge. Vol. 3, No. 6

As February 14 gradually draws closer, I would like to share the thought of Fulton J. Sheen, regarding the psychic connection between sex and knowledge. This thought has become very necessary because, in the talk about sex today, we seem to have forgotten one profound relationship which the scriptures express, and that is the coordination of sex relationship and knowledge. Meanwhile, we are not unfamiliar with the biblical passages like: Adam knew Eve, and she conceived.” Another is Mary’s doubt “How can this be possible since I knew not man.” The proverbial expression of the union of man and woman with the use of knowledge is not mistaken. This is predicated on the fact that between the mind that knows and the thing that is known, there is closest kind of union. It is barely possible to distinguish oneself from what one knows.
Just suppose a student never knew before that the earth rotates round the sun. once a professor communicates that knowledge to him, he will always be dependent on the teacher for that information. He can never put himself back into ignorance, though he may use the knowledge over and over again. So great is the student’s relationship to a college for giving him an education, that the college is called the alma mater.
Sex is like knowledge. It constitutes an intimate bond between man and woman, a union so close that it is like the mind and its knowledge. Once the experience is entered into, just as in education, there is always a dependence upon the one who gave him the knowledge. This man has made her a woman, and this woman has made him a man. A two-in-oneness has been established which can be repeated over and over again, but can never be re-acquired. The mind which learned a certain truth can never put itself back into ignorance, neither can one who has knowledge of another put himself back into innocence. Stolen goods can be returned, harsh words can be taken back; a greedy man can repair his excesses by giving to the poor. But in sex, a line has been crossed. The original has been destroyed. A bridge has been burned, and neither person can return again to what he or she was before this knowledge was acquired.
Moreover, the dependency of two sex partners could be so devastating that at any moment of encounter, no other reasonable knowledge comes to mind without the repetition of a prior and powerful knowledge that initiated the bond, which is sex. No wonder some people believe that it is easier to keep one’s virginity that to perpetually repair a broken one. Worse still, what could be the fate of a married woman or man who before marriage, has been psychosexually connected with other men or women? There is a practical instance of Mr. Kelly Johnson and Mrs. Kate Williams, from Georgias, who met after 43 years of their separation as intimate friends but later got married differently, yet could not resist the sexual power that united them during their youthful age. Besides, why is it that most reported cases of infidelity meet a knotted end even after several resolutions? The reasons could be mysterious as much as the power of sexual urge remains incomprehensible. The fire of sexual urge especially towards any sexual partner can be so consuming that it considers not one’s status in life before reaction.
At this juncture, I wish to boldly express the clarification that the emotional frenzy and ecstatic orgasms many of us enjoyed out of our youthful exuberance are now the bitter leaf in many Homes. Most marital woes today, are the resultant effects of inordinate sexual promiscuity that many of us exhausted our youthful energy into. This is energy that would have been better channelled into academic, spiritual and physical exercises as well as healthy social rendezvous. Unfortunate for such victims, it’s either their sexual urges are now too wild that they can’t stick or be satisfied by one person, or STD ruined the sperm/womb. The effects of abortions, which could even be spiritually and emotionally debilitating equally stands to be condemned. There are sad stories of deception ranging from virginity, impotence and unsterility. Funny enough, sometimes, one of the spouses could go back to Ex because ‘his or her partner isn’t satisfying enough, or the deep Perpetual emotional torture from the fact that Ex is better in bed compared with this ‘old novice that you now call your husband/wife. Worse still, the paternity of child(ren) may become uncertain. And once any of the above issues comes up, they will always find faults with each other’s attitude, even if they are doing their best to enhance the love in the family.
However, we may have our own reservations, but then, as I simply indicated in the title “THIS IS MY HUMBLE STAND! Certainly, I am convinced that it does not in any way contradict the inspiration of the Holy Spirit nor the teachings of the Church who is ever ready to show 👆 us the way that leads to a fulfilled life even in this world and in the next by conferring on us the riches of Salvation through the Pascal Mystery of Christ. Let us always listen to her! And not always find selfish and destructive reasons to defend our lascivious viciousness. Lent is few days from now, and in fact, Valentine’s Day providentially coincides with Ash Wednesday. I used the word Providence because God’s hand is in it. Let us not deliberately dare Him!!! Now that you know the truth, choose a path that pleases you with open eyes. And don’t say no one told you. Besides God who created us to love Him knows that it’s not easy but then let’s not consciously work against His divine plan for us in this world and in the next. So, in case we fall out of human weaknesses, let us not hesitate to reconcile with Him through the sacraments. Habitual sins cannot draw us to the immensity of God’s love.
Let us not play with our sexual life as an expression of gratitude for a valentine gift; not just for the sake of eternal life but also for a fulfilled joy and nuptial love in our matrimonial bliss.
Even if the deed has been done, your personal determination can make a better history! Do not compromise your “Willful desire” with procrastination!! So that you don’t carelessly join in the unfortunate statistics of failed marriages.
Oh! I almost forgot I have not done my final preparation for today’s exam!!! In our next series, we shall examine sex in a marital love. Don’t miss it. 👋 bye for now ☺ smiles!

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