Rules and Regulations guiding the Contest

Rules and Regulations guiding the Contest

  1. Cooperate dress during the video. if you are using a language outside English, let your attire depict the culture you are representing. (It will make your video interesting).
  2. Video Not less than 2mins, not more than 3mins
  3. No criticism (Use of Vulgar expression is prohibited)
  4. Avoid sensitive content appearing in the video background
  5. Audibility and brightness
  6. Language of course should be English.
  7. The speaker must end his/her video with please Subscribe to tecsthought media and like my videos.
  8. Contestant must stick to a particular topic
  9. Also, each speaker should start the video by introducing him/herself.
  10. 80% of the result comes from the subscribing and liking of the video.
  11. You don’t send more than one video. Get the best and send.

Once your registration is successful, start planning for your 2-3mins talk to be submitted on Sunday, 1st Nov. 2020.

By participating alone you already have a special place in Tecsthought Media 🏠 House🤗

Good luck 👍 and God bless 🙏 you


Fr. Teclus Ugwueze (Administrator)

Mr. Christian Umeugokwe (Coordinator Let’s Talk It Online Contest)