Respect for the Woman and for the Child Vol.2, No. 10

The respect towards women may not be the case in some countries but it stands tall as a priority. The dignity and the rights of women can be put seriously at risk by dangerous practices of woman domination especially in African culture. Nevertheless, the images of women that the Western media present are too often degrading and humiliating. A woman’s body is treated as merchandise for the depraved pleasure of certain lascivious men. Through organize prostitution; women become objects with commercial value. Yet, the West falsely claims to champion and defend women’s right.

One of these feminists that often frequent my mind is Margaret Sanger, the American sociologist who admittedly engaged in an ongoing struggle for the moral deconstruction of the West. She confidently maintained that a woman must be able to control her body and her sexuality. Since she is its owner, she must be able to do as she likes, with it, to enjoy the freedom of her body and of its rights, and to manage her life. She must freely choose to be a mother or not. Margaret Sanger is of the opinion that every child from now on must be “wanted,” “chosen’, “Planned”. No religious morality, no dogma, no cultural tradition can prevent women from achieving their goals. No one should prevent or forbid women from having access to contraception and abortion.

Well, Margaret Sanger might have spoken so well in defense of the freedom of women towards achieving their goals, but she seems to have forgotten so soon that the end does not justify the means. That woman’s goal achieved at the destruction of human life cannot stand the test of natural law.

Meanwhile, when Sanger states that no one should prevent or forbid women from having access to contraception and abortion, she seems to have forgotten that the implication of contraception is to hinder the natural process of human formation whereas abortion in which ever form or stage involves the shedding of blood. Whereas blood symbolizes life. One thing that should be very clear to Sanger and every anti- lifer is that at the moment of conception, a life destined for a special goal different from the mother is formed. And such precious life should not be tampered in an attempt for the mother to achieve her goals which has already been lost as a result of her irresponsible sexual exhibitions and activities.


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