An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Venue: Bed Briefing Telegram House.

Date: 5th November, 2020.

Moderator: Mrs Ozioko MaryCynthiaTime: 7:00pm

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

Our topic is Reconciling our Purpose and our love life. First we start with defining purpose…Purpose is simply the reason for which something is done or created or even exist. It is the intent of the creator for a product according to Dr. Myles Monroe.This simply means that all created things including you and me are here to serve a particular assignment. But unfortunately a lot of people die without even knowing what they were called to do talk more of attempting to do it.And a friend of mine would say that the greatest sin against God and man is living a vague and purposeless life.And I will add that purpose is the truest source of fulfillment in life. I understand that for some people talking about purpose seem abstract. But it shouldn’t be so So the next question before we arrive to our main point is??? Have you discovered your Purpose? If so, what is your purpose?.But that not withstanding, I shall be listing some vital steps necessary for us to discover what we are here to do on earth. That way we can have a leading in our relationship and love life.1st guide to self discovery is of purpose is to define and to know who you are: So ask yourself , who am I? What are the special talents and characteristic that make me different from another person. What are my bad sides and positive sides. Try as much as you can to answer the questions without condemning or defending yourself. Be truthful to yourself. A man that doesn’t Know himself is yet to begin the journey of life because he may always be played as a dice in the hands of others.2nd step Is to go back to the creator who created you and find out from him your purpose: How is that possible? you ask. I can’t hear God. Well don’t worry about how he will show you. Just trust that word of God that said that God knows the plan he has for us, plan if good and not of evil to give you an expected end. God knows the best way to direct us, to put us in the right places with the right people at the right time. Always pray for clarity of purpose. Believe God will lead you to the right path. You can never discover yourself outside of God because he made you and knows you mostly.3rd step: At a point in time in my life, I was confused and worried about my purpose. I wasn’t sure it was what God wanted of me. I used to say, what if God does not want me to be this. I kept parying to be sure. Thank God at this point that was cleared because I found out that what God has asked you to do lies within you. It’s not outside of you. You will do it with ease. People will always appreciate it. People will even tell you how good you are at it.4th step: So the next point on how we can find out what we are called to do is to seek information. Here I recommend we read books, listen to life changing and inspiring audios, attend seminars on the subject. I must tell you guys that I became totally sure of my purpose after reading a book by Lt. Dr Myles Monroe titled: In pursuit of Purpose. It’s such an eye opener and I recommend it here. Another is “the path made clear by Oprah Winfrey.So I want to state one major characteristics of purpose. Purpose is simply an act of service. It must serve others. And your reward is fulfilment and contentment. It’s something you can do with ease and not disturbed when you are not rewarded in cash or other ways. Your major focus is to dish it out hot to others. Purpose will shape your life and keep you focused. Even when you are distracted you already know your way back.The journey to self discovery is not an easy one. But please keep seeking it. Imagine living down on your dying bed and a flash of your life is shown to you. Will you be proud of the you today? Of your achievements? ….. Please note true success and legacy doesn’t lie on material acquisition but on the number of life you were able to touch.So dear friends never give up pursuing purpose. God will certainly make the path clearerSo we now go to the big question…….How can we reconcile our purposes and our love life? For me , I think it’s good for one to have a direction of where you are headed even if not sure but at least an idea before getting into a committed love such as marriage. Because it will help you to know if your partner is really fit for you.But in a case we are already in a relationship or married and then found out the special way we can serve humanity, the challenge now is will our partners be a hindrance to the actualization of that call? How shall we go about it if they are?Well, my answer to that is that first it is good to keep and grow a healthy relationship. A relationship where there is freedom and understanding. One where you can air your view and it is respected . One where your suggestion counts. One where you are respected. In this way, your partner can easily support you in your life mission. You will simply be an inspiration to him or her if they have not yet discovered theirs instead of a challenge or threat.So ask yourself today if the type of relationship you keep is a healthy one. Even if you are married and it’s not, you can still grow a healthy relationship by being a better person first and praying always for the other. By being courageous and taking your rightful stand as a helper if you are the wife and head/ provider if you are male. Never forget prayers too. Remember you must not end up getting married to someone with the same purpose as yours. Your callings can be different but similar.General Questions and Answers.1. Is there a specific age you get to find out God’s plan for you? Or you just keep praying till he directs you?***There is no specific age dear. For some, their paths are made clear from childhood like Jesus. Others like Moses years after. But as long as you are not yet sure you should continue seeking. I always pray to God never to let me depart from this world without serving my purpose to others. So remember everyone has their own destiny. Keep seeking it in prayer, self searching and studies on books that can make the concept clearer.2. What if the purpose of the partners are opposite to each other?***You should support him where you can. First by giving him the freedom to be himself and live out his purpose. His purpose should not tie down yours. Both of you should support each other in achieving your dreams and goals.For instance, one may be married to a business man who is good at what he does but she is a counselor…. Both can work together if they understand and agree.So the best ways we can reconcile purpose and love are Simply by:i. Self discovery.ii. Prayers.III. Keeping a healthy relationship.Thanks and God bless you!!!!

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