DATE: 23 AUGUST, 2021
    TIME: 9PM
    In Today’s gospel, Christ makes known while he was sent to the world
    And that is to give us eternal life.
    He makes it explicit that he is not just here to grant our temporary needs which are little or no use to us but rather to give us the food which is himself, that we might have life and have it to the full.
    Moderator: At this juncture, his listeners departed from him
    Therefore, I will like us to air our view on while people departed from Christ when he promised eternal life, the floor is open please.
    Audience: The teaching was too hard for them to accept, just like the rich man that was asked to sell all his possession and give it to the poor.
    The wondered how Jesus would offer his flesh as food.
    Moderator: Nice, But which is easier, offering one’s body to those who want and probably those who it will reach, and feeding more than 5 thousand people with only 5 loaves of bread and two fishes.
    Audience: People departed because they didn’t understand Jesus’ teaching in toto
    Moderator: Yet they departed instead of waiting to get a clear understanding
    Audience: That one was bread, but this time Jesus was talking of his flesh,
    How can they eat his flesh?
    Moderator: From my own view point.
    The selfishness of human nature made them to be concerned about what they want and not what God wants for them.

This is seen in our present world today, where we are only concerned about our will, what we want and not what God wants from them.
The Jews wanted to be feed again with bread, probably those who weren’t there in the first feeding also came.
And once Christ diverted from what they wanted, they left him
Christ in the Gospel readdressed the wrong notion of Eucharistic theology,
Which calls us not to what we want but rather to the eternal life which he came and offered his very life for.
Christ reminds us of always praying and allowing the will of God in our lives for he is the author of life and we should have no other person to go to except him as peter proclaimed
This shows us the limitless nature of God’s love towards us. The love that is sacrificial in other to give us eternal life.

This leads us to the second reading where Paul admonished Husbands to love their family as Christ loved us
The sacrificial love that gives us eternal life.
In the second reading, we firstly see St. Paul admonishing us to give way to one another in obedience to Christ, Wives should regard their husbands as they regard the Lord
Here wives could be seen as the married woman, who natural should be submissive to the husband, in other for peace of Christ to reign in the family life.
Wives also could be seen also as all of us who should be submissive to the other person as we are to be submissive to God. This implies that we should listen and obey everyone who calls us to the road of eternal life no matter who the person is.
Paul also went ahead to admonished Husbands to love their wives as Christ loved us
Here also, husbands could mean married men who have become one with their wives and are called to love and take care of them as they would their own very self. Not just as their own very self but as Christ loves his church
So I would ask
How did Christ love his Church?
Audience: By offering himself for the Church
Moderator: In my own opinion
Christ’s love for his Church is seen in his free gift of eternal life which he bought for us with his life…This implies that husband are called to offering up themselves for the salvation of their wives.
The husband here in a wider sense also implies all of us.
Loving our neighbors as Christ loved his Church that is to say, not only being concerned about our gaining eternal life but also ensuring that our family, friends, neighbors and even enemies gain eternal life even if it means our offering up everything we have
We see this act of loving the neighbor *the love that gives eternal life* in the first reading
Where Joshua wasn’t only concerned about his relationship with God but also the relationship of the whole Israel with God
In his time. There existed a hypocritical worship of God which is also seen in our world today
Where people claim to worship God yet, goes on to be idolatrous
A scholar by name Robert, distinguish between two types of idolatry which includes
A true worship of the False God
And a false worship of the true God
A true worship of the False God entails, worshiping a false God in all sincerity. For example, those who publicly worship others gods like idols, self, money and other created things.
While a false worship of the true God entails worshiping the True God in an improper way
Joshua admonished the Jews to choose a God they want to worship.
Either to worship the True God truthfully, or to stopped being hypocritical and go back to the worship of false gods
Yet he went on to remind them about all that the Lord has done for them in case they decide to desert him
Today the first reading is addressing us on the matter of worshiping God
There are more Christians today yet more evils are going on. Therefore we are being reminded to either desert God or worship him in truth and in spirit, and not being hypocrites who worship
God in the broad light, and yet attack him at night
Any questions or more contributions please
As none is coming, we conclude…
Going home with the following messages
*Allowing the will of God not our will to be done in our lives
*Loving others (the sacrificial love that gives eternal life)
*Worshiping the True God in truth and in spirit
I hope we all learnt something. I personally did…
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