Ozo-Nengi Situationship: any lesson for the Nigerian youths.. Vol. 8, No. 23

An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.

Topic: Ozo-Nengi Situationship: a lesson for the Nigerian youths..

Date: 24th September, 2020.

Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.

Moderator: Mr Collins Ezea.

Time: 7:30pm

Collation: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie, Member of the team Lets Talk It App.


Today we are looking at a very serious and important discussion title Ozo-Nengi Situationship a lesson for the Nigerian youth.

I welcome you all…

Every day our generation keeps getting worse, we see people cry for love and offer everything to be love beyond all measures, and such was the case of Ozo-Nengi Situationship in Nigeria’s biggest reality TV show, despite the genuine love openly showed by Ozo, Nigerians all over the Internet decided to shame him and everyone felt he was being foolish and stupid, well as it stands our generation has proven to have no hope in genuine love and affection.

Some say Nigerians don’t deserve too much love and so it’s foolish to give such type of Love, some say We are just a country that accepts heart breaks other than real love and with how Nigeria reacted to Ozo show of love we are doomed.

Well what do you think of this generation that would prefer toxic and heart break instead of real affection, what lesson can one draw from Ozo-Nengi Situationship??

It is important to Note here that we seriously condemn some things that are done in the BBNaija house which includes the kind of dress some of the housemates put On, no religious Observances, back bitting etc.
But then we praise their talents like ability to make their hairs, interesting games, debate and the task they perform in the house.

Having said this, it is important to Note also that We have many issues to clarify here with regard to our Faith and Morality as young people.
And it’s unfair to criticize the house due to the danger of a single story.
Meanwhile, we have seen other Relationships among the house mates of BBN, like that of Erica and Kidwaya, Vee and Neo, and so on, but Tecsthought Media team strongly believes that Ozo and Nengi emotional discrepancies have a lot to offer to us the Bed Briefing house mates as far as our lives as young people are concerned.

Having said this, I hereby to invite everyone of us to be open in participating and expressing their views.

Thank you all..

Before suggestions and contribution started, a video was shared by the moderator for the house members to go through…….
When the members of the house finished watching the video, the moderator continued…..

Reaction from the People on the Video:

The video shared was just a typical illustration of lack of self-control.
He should have at least respected the girl or even the public that’s watching.
Maybe he was blindfolded by lust and infatuation.
Love, I guess, demand respect.

The discussion proper

The story of Ozo and Nengi

On Sunday the 18th day of July about 20 people came to live together and Hustle for the 85Million naira money, as their lives in the BBNaija house started unfolding, we saw two people who were just ordinary people without connection and much interest, along the line came a young lady by name Dorathy who started loving a certain guy called Ozo and even started getting to like him, well the guy Ozo said he prefer Dorathy as his very great friend someone he could call his bestie, so he noticed a certain woman called Nengi in the house whom he felts is someone he wanted to have as his girlfriend, and from that moment Ozo started doing everything virtually for this GIRL Nengi, the Nengi in the other hand keeps telling Ozo that she can’t date him that she has someone outside the house, yet Ozo kept pushing it and keep pushing it, The more Ozo showed her love the move she kept on acting drama, it continued up to a point that ọzọ was almost losing focus on the game, but the funny thing was that what this Nengi couldn’t do with Ozo she does it with other housemates, Yet Ozo still. Loved her, it happened at some time Ozo tried avoiding her, she started acting as thou she couldn’t do without him, as this continued people and the entire social media saw it as an act of foolishness and stupidity especially coming from Ozo..
Well, that was how Ozo left the House and the same Nengi started crying and not up to 2hourz of Same she was seen in a romantic with other housemate Laycon..

This is a summary of what transpired between Ozo and Nengi
We begin the discussion from here…

The first question on the table was??
What impact or effect does the Situationship of Ozo and Nengi has on the lives of its victim, and how can one possibly know he is or she is getting to such type of Situationship??

As you all are on that??
Is the person right for calling ọzọ a fool and a stupid person, does his actions portray stupidity at all??

**** I can only call his actions stupidity when it started distracting him in the game. Nengi is so focused on the game, she didntt want to be distracted thats one of her reasons. You hardly see her disobey any rule in that house self. Imagine loosing ur job, contract or even ur senses while trying to get a girls attention.

**** No, that’s wrong. He’s responsible for his actions.
Though I wonder why he kept pushing so hard even when she was complaining..

**** In reality a times we tend to love those who are playing too hard. More so won’t call Nengi action stupidity out rightly because theory is not practical.

So basically it’s juts this part of generation that has confused love from what it should be to what it shouldn’t be??

OK some South Africa citizens and most people say Ozo display a level of Maturity and he is the best kind of man, do you think such behavior of Ozo showed him to be matured man?

**** It actually showed the contrary. The lady he just met in a TV program. The action I see is in no way close to maturity.

Moving on…

Does it mean people shouldn’t love or cannot love the way ozo loved Nengi?

Is such kind of love really bad?

**** Love develops, stage by stage. I guess he jumped to conclusion. People shouldn’t love that way.

So does past experience make one disregard any kind ọf love shown to him or her?

**** Possibly…

So in the case of Ozo and Nengi do you see ọzọ failing in his love For Nengi!?

**** I don’t know about that but it’s not impossible.
I’m not in his heart…
**** Many a times we are not our real self to the public in love affairs… Fake life…Ozo may be better than most people (men)that were calling his action stupid.

Remember they all lived in same house for weeks can’t there be possibility of love forming between them?

**** There’s a possibility of love forming between them for the sake of being in a confined space but my question is when they leave there will it continue?

If it won’t continue as a result of distance then I don’t think it was necessary from the beginning.
**** The point was that Nnegi was not showing interest at all and he was still pushing, forgetting the reason why he came to the house, he just lost control.
**** That is when self-control comes into play. Not all that is attracted to you should be loved to that extent,

Do we really call that lust and infatuation give more illustrations to it, that is, the situationship between OZO and Nengi?

**** If he truly loved her, the Tv show is not the platform to exhibit such.
**** Yes, because if I was the one I will think he’s just acting, I can only take it seriously if he brings it up outside the house.

Moving on.
Do you think Ozo should have dissed Nengi the moment she failed to reciprocate his love??

**** To love is a reciprocal so in a situation where by she didn’t reciprocate the love that he had for her, he shouldn’t have forced her to do so, he should have just allowed her to be, to love someone is not by for force.

**** Yes,ozo should have just bounce because it happens between laycon and Erica,Erica was interested in Kiddwaya so laycon just have her space and concentrate on what brought him there(.I mean gave her space).. For Nengi, she was just trying to be nice

**** He acted childish to have made such a move in the first place.
But, the best thing would have been to stop the moment he discovered the music did not dance to his tune..

Most people say the way Ozo loved Nengi was very bad some even said it was toxic. Do you think it was a toxic love??

**** I stand to be corrected but what I think that is toxic is his mood or system of approaching her..as if he was told before coming that Nengi is the victory cup of the program. A times in life we loss what is ours because of wrong systematic approach especially in relationship (emotions are involved)..

Can you say Ozo was showing Nengi real genuine love?

**** I think it was lust and don’t see love in that clip.

What lessons do we drive from Ozo-Nengi Situationship as youths……

**** All I know is that one must not allow his/her emotion to override his/her sense of reasoning.

**** Feelings should be controlled. Love without respect is neither true nor genuine.

Infatuation and lust are dangerous; it can make one act crazy.

So we should pray for self-control. It’s not moral to gather mature youths to stay together in a house for such a long time. Unnecessary feelings must surely develop and those without self-control will end up acting immorally. And lots more….

**** From Nengi, I learnt you shouldntt lose focus, always know ur primary goal and dont let the secondary distract the primary. In Nengis voice (I didnt come to this house to find man, Im here for the money)…

**** Self control is really important no matter what.

**** Love is deeper than just feelings. Mutual understanding and agreement are very important. Love is a gradual process and shouldn’t be rushed. Make yourself vulnerable to a girl and she will use your heart to play tennis . It is nearly impossible to stay for such a long time with the opposite gender, in a house, without developing unnecessary feelings. Body no be firewood, so we should be careful of what we expose ourselves to. Prevention is better than cure. You might think you have self-control until then.

**** Dont be afraid of rejection, say what you feel irrespective of how people will see it ( on Ozos side)..


Love they say is a beautiful but when that same love which is meant to be a beautiful thing becomes a thing of emotional instability and emotional weakness, then something should be done to either such or end it.

Ozo-Nengi situation has thought one thing that people still love and show how much they do.. In the other part some may not be able to show such aspect of love..

Well all I say is this, learn from the story of Ozo and Nengi and improve your life and build on your your emotional stability.

Ozo isn’t stupid neither was Nengi mad it shows a scenario where both landed into a Situationship that was not properly defined…

Finally I appreciate each and every one of us for partaking in today’s discussion it was indeed a lovely Discourse…
May we learn better and keep on improving our lives and our emotional wellbeing….

General Questions

How do I improve my emotional stability?

**** To improve your emotional stability. You must always love and act within the consigns of your heart and mind, Learn not to be engrossed deeply in the matters of the heart, admit you are not a stone and if anything is done carelessly your emotions Suffers it. Learn to walk away when it’s important, above all always remember that, your psychological sense of being and actions, is one way to become emotional stable..

Can we really outline the weaknesses of both Nengi and Ozo, as well as their strengths?
**** To me:
-Ozo’s weakness was lack of emotional control.
-Excessive love.

Nengi’s weakness:
-Lack of focus.
-Not knowing what she want.
-Sense of reason.
-Care etc.

Can we say as children of God that this kind of program is good? if YES/NO, explains?

**** As I said earlier, gathering youths of different backgrounds and gender, lock them up in a house for such a long time, is a risk and threat to our Christian moral standard.

And as such stands to be questionable.
So with the little I know, I think Christians need to rethink before giving a yes to such a program. Though, there might be lessons to learn, the harm to moral standard is immeasurable.

Also, the program in no way teaches the youth the importance of hard work.. If I can win millions of naira just for acting a Tv show, then why waste my time to face life.

The money is the main reason why people rush to the program without a second thought. The love of money is the begging, the root, the foundation of all evil My humble opinion.

**** Yes. The program is good, based on personal assessment you don’t force anyone to do anything if you choose to act immoral or otherwise it all depends on you. After all looking at a real life situation not everyone in school is ready to learn. People talk about the immoralities that go on there and I ask “is it worst than what we see in movies” or “is it more than the pornography some people watch intentionally”. So I’ll say make up your mind and know that something like this can happen that way you’ll be predisposed and focus.

**** Also there are other mental activities that go on there.

Almost every day the housemates are given tasks that helps in showing off their talent and intelligence, honestly speaking I have learnt a lot from this season.

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