An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: OUR RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS THE HOMOSEXUAL
Date: 22nd April 2021
Time : 7:00 pm
Venue: Bed Briefing House via Telegram
Moderator: Miss Chidimma Linda
Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

The following is the breakdown of our topic and how we are going to go about it for easy understanding
1. Sexual orientation
a. Different types
2. Homosexuality
3. Effects of Homosexuality in the society
4. Possible Responsibilities toward the Homosexual
Sexual orientation is a person’s pattern of emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to people of a particular gender(male or female).
Types of sexual orientation
1. HETEROSEXUAL Orientation
This particular people are attracted to people of opposite sex.(male and female relationship). Is just a union between a male and a female.
2. BISEXUAL orientation
This people are attracted to people of neither sex. I call this particular people Confused people because they don’t really know what they want. They are neither with a female nor a male.
3. PANSEXUAL orientation
These people are attracted to people of any gender identity. Bisexual means attracted to multiple genders, and  while pansexual means attracted to all genders.
Let’s say you ask your friends what their favorite colors are. One friend might say, actually, I like more than one color, another friend might say, I like all colors.
Now, the first friend might like all colors, but they might not. They might not like khaki . Perhaps they like pastels but not dark colors. This is because all colors is, by definition, more than one. However, more than one isn’t technically all.
4. ASEXUAL orientation
They are not sexually attracted to other people but themselves and this can in turn lead to masturbation. There are other types of sexual orientation.
5. HOMOSEXUAL orientation
These people are attracted to people of the same sex.
A man being attracted to a fellow man. Having sexual appeal to member of the same sex. From my own perspective, it is the type of sexual orientation that one has which predisposes him to the attraction of the same sex.
Who are the Homosexuals??
HOMOSEXUALs:This are people who are romantically attracted to members of their same sex or gender. This Homosexuals comes in different forms and has a general name “Gay” but the most common adjectives for homosexual people are LESBIAN for females and GAY for males. Other forms of homosexuals are;
Bisexuals: ln this case, they mingle with opposite sex but still get attracted to the same sex.
Transgender: This type of people are likes of Bobrisky. This people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be at birth.
But in all, they are all homosexuals(Gay).
It affects the society
It brings down your spiritual growth
People take you for granted
Disrespect from people
Since it is anti nature like so I think that it makes the society to work in an anti nature like manner.
To me, Apart from the moral and spiritual aspect of homosexuality. It doesn’t pose a risk to the other aspect of the society.
Homosexuality have imparted negatively in the society and some of the effects are:
1. Make it harder for the victim to be open about his sexual orientation which can increase stress, limit social support and negatively affects the victims health.
2. High level of violence especially for high school children. Violence can include behaviour such as bulling, teasing, harassment, physical assault and suicide related behaviours.
3. Homosexual youths are more likely to be rejected by their families. This increases the possibility of them becoming homeless.
4. Destroys ones mental health.
5. High level of violence especially for high school children. Violence can include behaviour such as bulling, teasing, harassment, physical assault and suicide related behaviours.
Here, we will be looking :
1.Family Responsibility
2. Societal Responsibility
3. Pastoral Responsibility
4. Individual Responsibility
Parents should talk openly with their teen about any problems or concerns and watch for behaviors that might show their child is being bullied or harnessed.
Pastoral Responsibility
In order that the churches may deal in a pastoral way with the problems of homosexuality, they recommended that synod serve the churches with the following statements of pastoral advice.
1. The Homosexual may not, on the sole ground of his sexual disorder, bedenied community acceptance, and, if he is a Christian, he should be whole-heartedly received by the church as a person for whom Christ died

2. Homosexualism, as explicit homosexual practice must be condemned as incompatible with obedience to the will of God as revealed in Holy Scripture.

3. The church should exercise the same patient understanding of compassion for the homosexual in his sins as for all other sinners. The gospel of God’s grace in Christ is to be proclaimed to him as the basis of his for-giveness, the power of his renewal, and the source of his strength to live a sanctified life. As all Christians in their weaknesses, the homosexual must be admonished and encouraged not to allow himself to be defeatedby lapses in chastity but rather to repent and thereafter to depend in prayer upon the means of grace for power to withstand temptation.

5.In order to live a life of chastity in obedience to God’s will, the homosexual needs the loving support and encouragement of the church. The church should therefore so include him in its fellowship that he is not tempted by rejection and loneliness to seek companionship in a “gayworld” whose godless life-style is alien to
a Christian.

6.Homosexuals, especially in their earlier years, should be encouraged to seek such help as may effect their sexual reorientation, and the church should do everything in its power to help the homosexual overcome his disorder. Members of the churches should understand that many homo-sexuals, who might otherwise seek therapeutic aid, are deterred from doing so by the fear of detection and consequent ostracism. Christianacceptance and support can in all such cases be a means toward healingand wholeness. On the other hand, to those who are not healed and who must accept the limitations of their homosexuality, the church must minister in the same spirit as when it ministers to all who are not married

.7.Christians who are homosexual in their orientation are like all Christians called to discipleship and to the employment of their gifts in the cause ofthe kingdom. They should recognize that their sexuality is subordinateto their obligation to live in wholehearted surrender to Christ.By the same token, churches should recognize that their homosexualmembers are fellow servants of Christ who are to be given opportunityto render within the offices and structures of the congregation the same service that is expected from heterosexuals. The homosexual membermust not be supposed to have less the gift of self-control in the face ofsexual temptation than does the heterosexual. The relationship of love and trust within the congregation should be such that in instances where a member’s sexual propensity does create a problem, the prob-lem can be dealt with in the same way as are problems caused by thelimitations and disorders of any other member.

8. The church should speak the Word of God prophetically to a society and culture which glorifies sexuality and sexual gratification. It should foster a wholesome appreciation of sex and expose and condemn the idolatrous sexualism and the current celebration of homosexualism promoted in literature, the theater, films, television, advertisements, and the like.
Schools and different organizations should create and publicize trainings on the danger’s of homosexualism and it’s effects for both students, non students and staffs regardless of who is who.
God bless you!

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