An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Date: 31 January, 2021.

Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.

Moderator: Mr Vitus Egelebe

Time: 8:30pm

Collation: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

What is our identity?
We all know that identity simply means what represent or stand for.

So in today’s contest of our identity, We are to understand that we are representing God.
We are serving as an identity of Christ.

As an identity of Christ does this commands us obedience?
****The answer is yes.

I wish to channel this directly to what is happening to our society these days in the name of being Christ identity.

Jesus came into this world because He wants to obey His father
He passed true difficulties but He stands firm because He always obey
Ok look at Jesus was baptise to show us the important of obedience let me list His most recognizable aspect of obedience.
When He was teaching and His mother and father came to look for him even though he was still with the Jews He left them and followed His parents
At Galili when His mother told him that there was no win, Hi time is not yet to do miracle but He obeyed.

During crucification He cried out that if the cup could Passover him but may the will of God be done. Because he is an identity of his father.

Therefore He must behave like his father which He do say some times on his speech.
But today see our Christians we want to gather the whole world with the fake identity of Christ.

Today’s men and women of God as we always claim , Is there any form of identity of Christ in them?
Today’s men and women of God as we do call them are no longer representing Christ because we choose money,





And others Over Christ.

I can remember what John the Baptist told his disciples when he saw Jesus
He said to them.



The Lamb of God behold he who takes away the sins of the World.

If it is in our own time I must tell you that even before Christ arrive, John must have told them that he is the savior but he did not because he is representing Christ.

Ok let’s talk about this obedience;

For example:
When you come to Catholic church you are not authorize to have your own ministry as a charismatic but we fail to understand our *identity* if are really representing Christ as the one that gives us the gift of vision,




Speaking in tongues,

Healing the sick,

Or performing any kind of miracles.

Why then can’t we obey the church that He establish…..
Is it showing our identity that we claimed on?
Sometimes this obedience we are talking about might not be easy for us but because you truly know who you are representing, you will do anything possible to make sure you mantain your identity.


1. At what point will your endurance make you to disobey the church?

***** When the name “Church” comes.
You are expected at that time no matter what extent you might thinking that you are being displeased you have know right to disobey cos sometimes our mindset might be deceiving us and we thought we are going the right way with out knowing
For that name *church* if don’t know what to do say to God I commit all this my uncomfortable obedience for the reparations of my sins and sins of the whole world take it as a prayer and move.
But that is only when you must have understand your *identity*.

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