Not All Healing Ministries are Inauthentic. Vol. 4, No. 4

Christ, has in a unique way entrusted the gift of healing to his church, who always exercises that in her ministry. And the Church in her own capacity, under the influence of the Holy Spirit has remained a faithful custodian of the mysteries of God. Meanwhile, this gift of healing is not a special possession of a particular person in the Church. In other words, no individual can conveniently manipulate and determine when the fecundity of the action of the spirit is guaranteed in a given case. If not, prayer, becomes more of my will be done than allowing God’s will to reign. One pastor of Gorgias called Teddy Parker committed suicide in 2013 because he feels that God no longer work miracles through him as he desires. This is a mockery and magical conception of the power of God.
However, we are very much aware that Jesus conferred the power over diseases on his disciples and a healing ministry has been claimed and exercised by the Church since its inception. In 1Cor. 12:9, the apostle Paul confirmed that healing is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and therefore, the actual agent in healing is God’s Spirit. Hence, the apostles and the Church have always insisted on proper discernment of the Spirit at work, to know whether it is of God or of Demon? This is in order to avoid confusion and chaos in the Church’s administration. However, he who charges before praying for your healing cannot be of God.

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