An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Date: 8th October, 2020.

Venue: Bed BriefingTelegram House.

Moderator: Miss Oluchi Chibulu

Time: 7:30pm

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

Nigeria is a beautiful country blessed with so much beautiful reasources, people and outstanding climatic factors. God blessed our country so much.Even in reproduction such that Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with about 198million people.#Q1: So my fellow friends, what is then the problem with a country that has been so highly blessed as ours…****Leadership problem and misplaced priorities.#Q2: We all know where our country falls in development today. Is that we don’t have the natural resources, the brain or the manpower? What could have held our beloved country back so much since after Independence?****We can’t actually say one thing for sure is the problem of Nigeria but its embedded in that two. But to a large extent, development is not part of our major problem. I feel two things is holding our country back: they are;A. Lack of proper personnnel to handle our affairs.B. The youth who have failed to do the Needful with the laser-fair (I Don’t care)attitudes of Nigerian citizens and the leaders at large.****I THINK IS ISSUES OF CORRUPTION THAT HAVE EATEN NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS LIKE CANCER.In 1960, at the time Tafawa Balewa was giving his speech as the first prim minister of the new country…. He expressed that the independence was won without bloodshed and that they are fully matured and ready to lead themselves.But while he made that speech he didn’t know that even though the desire for independence was there, the greatest place of investment for leadership was neglected.The cause of our state in Nigeria today is simply : WRONG LEADERSHIP.Dr. Myles Monroe (late) said that an army of sheeps led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.So the very vital area that was left out when we were preparing for independence was our MIND. True qualities of leadership are built in our minds and expressed in our character.So now my people do we agree that the major reason for our set back in the country is leadership problem???You may be wondering how. Do you agree that in China, America, Canada that their are very bad citizens. But have you sat to think of why our country is lagging behind them all?Oluchi: *It is in our mentality”.That’s why I pointed out the mentality of a leader as either that of a sheep or lion.There are good people in Nigeria. I believe you are one of them and because our leaders lack good leadership qualities they can’t work with a good person like you. So they will always promote their selfish aims using the people available.Just like that’s are good and bad people here, so they are everywhere. The issue is on which side is the person that holds the power on?A true leader is sacrificial and will do anything good for the good of his subject. So… Leadership is our main problem.So let’s talk about the frustration it has caused the youth……..There are about 33 million youths in Nigeria and the largest in Africa. Can you imagine?And a lot of our youth have misplaced values because of the country they found themselves in. 11 million of these youths are unemployed.Let us now go to the main issue of the day…. Is there hope for us in future?At 60 yrs and the labour of our hero’s past seems to be like a waste… Do we still have hope in this country?****There is much hope. But that can surface when we all decided to take our future in our hands.I believe we don’t have to look at others or wait for opportunities that our leaders will give us, we have to start creating the future we desire. Its an individual race.And through the act and goodness of one man , it can spread to others.Lets look at China for instance:…China in the years back was not as developed as it is today. But they all looked into themselves to find out that thing God gave them as an edge over others…. That was their skill. Almost every youth in China can invent one or two things. And most of them own business.Most of the Nigerian youth complain of unemployment but a great percentage of Nigerians don’t have employmentability skills.Simply because some go to school, are not well trained and come out to join a bunch of others not employed.And to some extent the government is to be blamed.Take an instance,In United Kingdom, government makes available funds for agencies involved in skill acquisition and even sometimes beg youths to acquire SKILLS.But you can’t find such in Nigeria.In United Kingdom, they do that to encourage independence, So that even if one doesn’t get employed, one can employ himself.But In Nigeria we hustle for grant, only to come back dejected. The system is not favourable for the poor, unconnected youth.But we can’t fold our hands to accept the situation we were born into.We can create a better future for ourselves and our childrenSo in summary of how we do this, we:1. Have to believe that there are opportunities for us as we try. Because we attract what we think.So we have to face the world with a positive mindset. We need to dream good dreams of our future….Have focused plans and work toward them daily.We must also be prayerful and lead goid moral lives. Just as there are people making it today,we can also make it… By trying to create our own independence.2. Every youth should learn a skill and be independent.In fact to become so rich and wealthy , the salary you earn alone is insufficientYou need an additive … A business or an investment. So its not just about going yo school.3. Also another thing is reading books. A lot hardly read their academic books talk more of reading books to invest in their minds. So even when they meet good opportunities, their mindset is wrong.So in other to survive in such a country we have to gain our own personal independence. And that starts with investment of the mind. Because Biafra can still fail if our mindset is still the same.One can’t say all hope is lost in her country because now one can telk when the hands of the clock may change. We have be the change we desire that is when things can become better…. Remember if we still have a new country Biafra with no changed mindset, the new country will still suffer. With this i think we shall call it a day…. Nigeria have not given you and me the opportunities we desire. We must invest in ourselves to create that opportunity.Questions;1. How do you change the minds of those advocating for biafra**** No need to change their minds. They believe in independence of their own tribe. It’s not our duty to change anyone’s belief. But to let you know that even if you leave the country with thesame mind set as you had in your former country…. Your new country may still face similar challenges.Remain blessed!!!!!

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