An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.




Date: 17th January, 2021.



Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.



Moderator: Mr Chijioke Ojiakor



Time: 8:30pm.



Collation: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.



Let’s briefly Accord Conceptual clarifications to the Keywords in Today’s Topic…


Vocation simply refers to a Type of Work, or a Way of Life which we believe is suitable for us.


A belief that we have been chosen by God for specific tasks .i.e Priesthood, Family or Religious life.

Priority on the other hand refers to Something that is considered to be more important than others.

Having said that, let’s now look at the Topic…..


My Vocation is My Priority

Permit me to add to the Scope of our Topic Tonight, not just to mean our Vocations as Christans, but to also include our Means of Livelihood (Our chosen Career).

Generally speaking, we have Vocations to family life, religious life, as well as that of singles for the sake of Christ..

As rightly observed by the Director in his Today’s homily during the Mass, we must remain within the Network in which God will be able to call us, just like the case of Samuel, Andrew and John in today’s reflection..

Each one of us have been created by God in a unique way, to serve a particular purpose in life..

For that to be possible, we must imbibe the Theological Virtues of;


1. Patience…


2. Perfect Docility…


3. Perseverance…


4. Submission to the will of God…


5. Obedience…


6. Courage…


7. Social Justice etc…


Making mistakes in one’s choice of vocation could be very disastrous, as it can lead to Frustration and Transfer of Aggression..

In pursuing our Vocations in life, let’s be careful not to make the Mistake of passing Judgement on others, thereby condemning them..

For instance, we all are aware of their Profession/Ordination Vows o

In which they pledge…….


1. Chastity.


2. Obedience.


3. Poverty.

But, if for reasons of human frailty, they tend to deviate,

Let’s learn to pray for them, encourage them, advice them, Not criticize them.


Similarly, in Family lives, temptations abound. But, amidst the visisitudes of life, we must learn to submit to one another, love, respect, tolerate, advice, be faithful and optimistic, adopt self-giving, Abstain from all forms of Physical, Verbal, Emotional abuse, and Domestic Violence. As well as insatiable greed, fornication, adultery, incest, etc..


Our Vocations avails us the Unique opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Christian community and the wider society at large…

An abuse of which, has a multiplier Effects, particularly on those looking up to us and emulating our examples…

It calls to mind those Exact words of Our Lord Jesus Christ that It’s better We have a Millstone Tied round our neck and thrown into the River, than for us to lead any of those little ones astray..

Similarly, Same applies to our various careers ..


For instance,We are aware that Upon the completion of studies in the Field of Medicine, and the Induction Ceremony, they Take The Hippocratic Oath in which they Pledge to Use all they’ve learnt to save lives and never to harm it.


Who then Aid Abortions and Mercy Killings?


One would ask:

How come the Judicial Arm of the Government, composed mainly of Christians, find it difficult to ensure Social Justice while adjudicating cases in the law courts?



While is it seemingly Impossible for Political Office Holders to uphold their Oath of Office in the Spirit of Patriotism?


It’s pertinent At this juncture to attempt some vital Questions..


1. What informs our choice of Vocation???

**** Knowing who you are, what drives you I.e your passion or something

Wanting to create an impact…


**** By listening to the voice of God via Our elders, religious Men and Women, as well as our guardians…..


2. Where lies our passion in our quest for vocation?



3. How do we abuse our Vocations???

**** Using them to satisfy greed, pride , to demean others who aren’t on the same vocation and in total not using your vocation to serve God..



4. What are the implications of finding oneself in the wrong vocation???


5. In what ways can our Vocations contribute to the betterment of the society???

****By allowing God to lead the way. No matter how much we love people and our job, God’s plan is the best. Working in the direction and obedience to God is the Key.

All Vocations actually play unique and vital roles in the society. As a matter of fact, they all are intertwined…

It’s our Christian duty to pray for one another, and also to encourage them in their chosen vocation…

I should imagine that the societal misfits are Products of families. That be goes a long way to show how much some people fail in their parental duties towards their children…






1. Upon the many articles and books I’ve read about vocation and purpose, I still don’t feel sure of my self. Before I wanted to be a Reverend sister but I guess I had a wrong motive and then funny enough the thought of priesthood even came. Very strange and now I think my train is heading to marriage…. Will I say that’s the vocation to which I have been called?

***** Can one either choose to be a Reverend Sister or a Priest at will?

Considering the fact that they are gender sensitive…..


2. Some persons that chose a particular vocation for e.g vocation to priesthood or religious life but on the process was sent home,could it be that it’s not their vocation?

**** Firstly, vocation isn’t what someone can just choose at will, rather, when you are called to a particular vocation, somehow, you will find yourself being passionate about it.

In the seminary or formation houses, you will find Vocational Directors who’s duty is to guide the candidates. When you don’t fit in there, it will be obvious sooner or later…


3. Thank you bro for this life enriching thoughts you’ve shared with us. Indeed, am fulfilled. Please my question is, how can one truly discern his/her vocation amidst so many other voices or sounds in this our noisy environment..?

**** Serenity helps in the thinking process. Having studied both Vocations closely, and looking at your honest heart desires, your heart will likely tilt to a particular one. Also seek divine assistance through prayers and meditation, as well as counseling..


4. My other questions is this…

A: Is it proper for parents to choose a vocation for their children?

B: In a situation where you choose the vocation to be a religious and your family are totally against it and even swore with their lives that you won’t be it and within you,you know actually that it’s your vocation and it’s the only thing that gives you joy and that you are passionate with.

In this situation,what will you do when they want you get married and you know their blessings are important in ur vocation?

**** For number.1, it is not proper but it is their responsibility to advise you

****For number.2. In such pitiable situation, look for a better way of convincing your parents maybe through the Priests…

And when the priests must have done that and they still took their stands,what else can you do?

**** Since you are already an adult and you know that serving God in his vineyard will give you fulfilment in life, then carry on, but still express your love and respect for your parents. They will later come to understand with you..

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