My Concern for Nsukka Tradition about About Adultery. Vol. 4, No. 5

Nsukka people are well known and respected for their high moral standards. In fact, I strongly believe that the almighty God created them to be so. However I would add that the agelong tradition of Nsukka Land also created an enabling environment for their high sense of sacredness. Although some people misinterpreted Nsukka’s regards for their tradition as an expression of their timidity, this is very agonizing. However, they have been able to prove that humility is not timidity. This is predicated on the fact that in different areas of discipline, be it academics or human expositions, they are pretty excellent with a touch of class. They celebrate the highest number of professors in the country, which could not even exclude their Catholic Bishop. Without boasting, they have most intelligent and talented priests and seminarians in Nigeria. And their laudable profiles are song and beautified by their humble, humane and humanitarian records.
Well, the crux of the matter here is that the morality of most Nsukka people is guided by fear of the consequences. Consequences caused by the land and not even God. In spite of the efforts of their religious leaders towards teaching them what ought not to be and to be, the issue of adultery, which they call “igba okwa” has remained a burning issue even among Christians. This means the act of a married woman whose husband is still alife but finds pleasure in sleeping with another man other than the husband. In most NsukKa land, it is believed that such a heinous act attracts a terrible consequence on the woman who cheated the husband. The reality of this belief has become the worries of tecsthought especially because most Nsukka Christians finds it difficult to reconcile doctrines of the Church with this belief. Could it be superstitious or real? Hence, the need for a better clarification. Meanwhile, let us not be in a haste to dismiss or lend credence to its reality. Besides, reliable sources have tried to prove the credibility of such belief with many experienced instances. Next Series Shall discuss the consequences of such act of Infidelity as Believed by certain traditions. Keep posted!

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