An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: Moving beyond A Sin Avoiding Spirituality
Date: 24th January 2021
Time : 8:30 pm
Venue: Bed Briefing House via WhatsApp
Moderator: Mr. Elias Iorember
Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

Is it possible to avoid sin?
Our human nature makes it impossible to avoid sin.

Don’t you think people are hiding too much under the guise of “human imperfections” to commit sin?
Yes sometimes.

What is Sin?
To break a trust, an agreement, a relationship with God. Sin is when we look for God’s trouble. And we do that through our thoughts, words works and omissions.

Do you agree with me that if someone is not a Christian, they are not bound by the laws a Christian is bound with? For instance if “fornication” is a sin, that’s a Christian law and someone who is not a Christian is not bound by that law. It’s just normal. Someone who belongs to a occultic society is given commandments. If they go against any, it can be termed a sin but someone who does not belong to that society who does the same thing is not guilty of any sin.

As Christians, should we base “sin” relying on the ten commandments alone?
Jesus gave an answer to that question already. In Matthew 22 when he told us how love is the most important thing.

It means that when one fails to show love, he has committed sin right?
Many sins just fall in place when there is no love. The Bible also tells us that what we owe our neighbours is love.

Now we have seen how wide the scope of sin is. I have been trying to establish this fact. With the wide scope of “sin”, it is practically impossible to avoid sin.
There are some persons who try as hard as possible to “avoid sin”. Which is “practically impossible”. Thereby proclaiming “self righteousness” upon themselves. These kind of people see any who is not living their kind of life as a “sinner”. They think people who are not living their kind of life should be publicly punished or disgraced by God. They almost “hope and pray” that “sinners” never repent so that they will be destroyed. They want to glory in the punishment of a “sinner”, because they think they deserve to be compensated for living a “righteous life”.

The kind of compensation they want to get is “seeing the ones they consider sinners” being destroyed. These are the people we are addressing today and Jonah happens to fall into this category.
We notice that, when God forgave the Ninevites their sins, Jonah was soooo bitter. Even though Jonah preached, he just hoped that these people should never repent… Let them be killed and destroyed but scripture says… I come that they may have life and have it to the full. Christ has not come to condemn but to redeem. Christ said that prostitutes and task collectors are making their way into the kingdom.
By the above statement alone, we should know that “entering” the kingdom of heaven is beyond keeping commandments. Christ said, ” repent and “believe in the Gospel””.

What is the simple message of the gospel?
The gospel is the message of salvation bought for us by Christ Jesus with his blood on the cross.
Repent and believe in the Gospel… That is the standard for salvation… And not keeping laws… And hoping that those not keeping the laws will be destroyed. We have a duty to our brothers and sisters who are weak and struggling with sin… That is the pray for them and to preach to them not to condemn them or seek for their destruction. Bible said through one man sinned entered the world and through another one man, Jesus, sin has been defeated completely.
Today, our briefing session enjoin us to shun “self righteousness” and embrace the “righteousness” by faith in Christ Jesus and that we should pray and preach to our weak brethren, hoping that they will change for the better.
We should not be like Jonah who preached but “hoped earnestly” that there would no repentance, so that there could be punishment.

God bless you

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