An interactive session between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic : MORE TO THOSE WHO HAVE

VENUE: Bed Briefing House via whatsapp

MODERATOR: Mr Aza Elias Lorember

COLLATOR: Miss Benita Aniebo

DATE: 15th November 2020

TIME: 8:30pm

The gospel text today taken from Matthew 25:14-30 told us about how a man traveling gave talents to his Servants 5, 2 and 1 respectively to his three Servants and on the return, the first two brought back profits only for the third to tell his master to his face who he thought he is. The master was angry and had the third servant ripped of all he had. To make it “worse” he gave all that to the one who had more.
Lets get straight to the discussion…
Was the master right to be angry at the third servant??
Of course he was. The third servant is not a good servant and he wasn’t productive. He accused the master of reaping where he didn’t sow, he accused the master of being an exploit and someone who is wicked and harsh which is Ultimately rude. He didn’t use his talent like others and if he knew he wouldn’t use the talent well, he should have given it back to the master before he traveled or otherwise to one of the servants that used theirs well for more production.
Now, does anyone think the servant had a good enough reason to behave the way he did??
Maybe Fear, laziness or jealousy as other servants had more talent.
Now couldn’t the servant have been angry because “why must it be me that he gives me the smallest talent”?? He hates me and I hate him too. Don’t you think there is a possibility from this angle?
It is possible, but the master knows his capacity. Then, the reply from the servant showed he would even still behave the same way if given 5 talents no matter what the servant thought “he would have proved to the master what he can do”.

Maybe even if it’s because of hatred that he gives me the least talent, I have the opportunity to prove to him I am worth much more, maybe if I work harder I may earn his love and he would trust me better.

What ever reason the servant thought it would be as to why he was given the least talent, he would have tried to win the masters heart, other than making things worse. What do u think??
He was afraid of the unknown or maybe the others would have been scared too, but they decided to dare and it turned out beautiful.

Now collating all these, it’s good to try, to dare even if the results wouldn’t be nice, at the end we tried and were not lazy or idle.

Is it injustice to take from one who has little to enrich the one who already has plenty???
Since the one who has little can’t manage it well, it’s not injustice giving to who has more which is the case of Poor management.
Maybe he should have given him a second chance by encouraging and advising him to learn from his colleagues.
The scripture didn’t speak about whether this particular servant had the business skill like his other mates
To cut the point short, I want to say that so long as the kingdom of God is concerned, growth is non negotiable, its either you grow up from 5 talents to 10 talents or you grow down from 1 talent to 0 talent.
Hence the little talent we have been endowed with should be invested (Very important).
Do you think equality in the society will make life more beautiful??
“When everyone is equal there will be no competition and grudges”
Now imagine equality from this angle:
Everyone in the world is a doctor.
Every one in the world is igbo.
Everyone in the world is female.
Everyone in the world is male.
How do u think life would be?? That’s crazy to even imagine but we live a world where medical doctors look down on carpenters, bankers look down on teachers, teachers look down on farmers… we should know that one can’t do without the other. We need each other, we need to compliment each other.
In the gifts of the holy spirit, one person does not have all, the whole church has different gifts and together they work toward a common goal… Salvation!
Even in school it happens.
If you are not studying medicine, law, and so on. You are not studying a good course. Everyone must not be a medical doctor; who will then be the patient?
Why was the talent collected from the servant with one (1) given to the one with five (5) and not the one with two (2)?
It is to the discretion of God who to give what he wants to give according to how it pleases him.

In all, one with the greatest talent shouldn’t look down on the one with the least and the one with the least shouldn’t be scared or “angry” to invest their talent. We all need each other to survive and to be saved.

God bless you!

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