An interactive discussion between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House on (St Mary Magdalene)

Date: 28 July 2020.

Venue: Bed Briefing House WhatsApp Group.

Moderator and Convener : Rev Fr Ugwueze Teclus.

Time: 7pm

(Collated by Adaobi, member of the team “let’s talk it App”

Mary Magdalene according to the scriptures was a beautiful woman known to be promiscuous, whom Jesus refused to be stoned to death on account of adultery. And from her was cast out seven demons. Tradition also has it that she sat at the lap of Jesus listening to his teachings, when her sister Martha was looking for what Jesus will eat. And shortly before the death of Jesus, she once used her tears, beautiful hair and costly ointment to wash and clean the feet of Jesus as a kind of contrition for her sins and love for the personality of Jesus. Finally she was the first to see the risen Jesus which will be the central point of our discussion about this woman.
Here HE continued
In that very gospel, we were told that the beautiful woman came to the tomb looking for Jesus, and even when Jesus was behind her, she could not recognize him. Hence, I raise my question,
The first question raised by Fr Teclus was: “why Mary wasn’t able to recognize Jesus who was right there behind her.”
Alot of the members gave their answersa. Some said she was beclouded by tears and worries, some also said she couldn’t see Jesus because He has assumed a glorified nature.

Here speakers gave us the theological nuance in the whole scenario. Mary Magdalene was not in the Spirit at that moment in order to see beyond the grave. And since Jesus has taken a risen body, a mere physical search cannot recognize him.”

After many reasons came up, Fr. Teclus finally gave the main reason why Mary couldn’t recognize Jesus.
In his word he said: “Mary Magdalene could not recognize Jesus at that moment because she allowed her sorrows and tears to conquer her high hopes for the risen Jesus. No wonder she was still asking where they kept him. If actually she believed that Jesus had risen, that question should not have been🤷‍♂️ But her doubt made it that she could not see Jesus in the person she took to be a gardener.
Fr Teclus also raised another question. He asked if there was any implication of the failure of recognizing Jesus to our present day life”.
As usual, the members gave their replies. Some said sorrows, some said no progress, some said worries. Fr Teclus applauded the members of the house for giving answers that were correct.

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