A young lady began as early as her secondary School days to have sex and crush with guys. These guys made her an object of ridicule until she faced another side of life in the high institution, which is loving her self. She felt that, that will be the solution to her sexual escapades. Listen to her and talk to her.

I’ve never been lucky when it comes to love. I used to think that one is not human when they don’t experience love and have sex. All my life, I’ve crushed on more than 10+ guys, sincerely loved and dated 2. My first relationship started when I was rounding SS3, and I ended it in my first year because I was the only one at the giving end. My 2nd relationship lasted for one week. Though it was very short but it was the best one week of my life. Did I tell you guys that that one week relationship was a game? But it was more than a game to me. It taught me to love myself and it also taught me to work on myself too. Finally, it taught me that we all need to be loved. But no love surpasses the one we have for ourselves. But am I really working on myself by being addicted to games rather than sex?

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