An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: LIFE REACHES ITS HIGHEST DEFINITION AT GOD’S PRESENCE
Date: 7th February 2021
Time : 8:30 pm
Venue: Bed Briefing House via WhatsApp
Moderator: Father Teclus Ugwueze
Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

I chose a theme that is self-explanatory because we no longer have time for over emphasis. This theme is called from the courageous attitude of Job and Jesus in the first and Gospel reading respectively. In the 1st reading, we could observe that Job sank from unimpeded prosperity to incomparable misery. Lost his children into the cold hands of death, his wife abandoned him, and his wealth melted to nothing.
This sudden reversal is the riddle that stared Job in the face. And so, some of his friends would come to proffer a solution with the theology they understood and operated with. These friends believed in the theology is that no evil can befall a man unless he has defected or sinned.
Therefore, building on this assumption, they pressed to assume Job that he must have sinned either consciously or unconiously.
But is it actually true that sin can cause someone to suffer misfortune of that kind?
Yes! When someone must have committed a grave sin intentionally but refused to repent from that sin.
But then, can we conclude that those who suffer in this world must have Committed one crime or another?
No. Sometimes it is fate that made it so.
Mortal sin make one have misfortune. Sin makes it difficult for one to pray unless one has relented and got forgiveness. The feeling of abandonment by God is the source of the subsequent misfortune.
Yes. Some sins could have a later effect in life but it does not mean that the condition of Job is as a result of his sin. Sometimes God can actually punish us in some ways if we sin against him in order to call us back but does it out of love because God chastises those he loves. But in terms of Job, it is just Satan beinging jealous of Job beinging a righteous man. It is to this unacceptable explanation that Job was reacting. He found it totally revolting to his presence. Being sure of himself, he could not stand being accused of defection. And having realized that his companions could not understand his case, He was therefore inwardly moved to address God, as we heard in the first reading.
For only from God, he wanted the answer to his problems and not the limited theology of his friends. Beloved in Christ, Job exist in every age and time, especially in those moments we fall into resilient trouble, that persistently remain nagging thorns in our flesh. It is under such a pitiable situation that our friends gather around us, just as the friends of Job to convince us that our woes are not without causesd and such friends will end up confusing us with different conceptions like It could be poison planted in our compound, evil committed by our ancestors, or perpetrated by many evil men around us. Or that your relatives are after you, causing family crisis and disunity. They may even go far to suggest other media for solution outside God. Not just in woes shall we turn to God, even when we are succeeding tremendously like the glorious condition of Jesus in the Gospel, in which his friends in the crowd wanted to deflect his focus and his own disciples wanting him to play to the galleries.
Amidst sorrows or Joys, let us tow the line of Job and Jesus by turning to God for both of them know that life reaches its highest definition only in God’s presence.

God bless you!

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