Life is Sacred; Should we Kill a Murderer? Vol.2, No. 9

The loftiness and sacredness of human life stem from the fact that man received the breadth of life from God himself. (Gen 2:7, Wis. 15 :11) and that it was God who formed man in his image and likeness. Human life is to be traced back to God who is life himself. Life is sacred because God is not only the giver but also the sustainer of life. To him therefore belongs the right to take back the breath of life which he gave to man. Lending credence to the fact that God is the giver of life and that all prerogatives over life belong to him, man is explicitly forbidden to tamper with human life. Life is so precious that even the murder of Cain who killed his brother Abel is prohibited (Gen 4:11-15)

In addition, the conviction that life comes as a gift from God alone gave rise to respect, appreciation and admiration for life. Besides, the birth of a Child can be seen at all times as a gift made by God to a couple he loves and protects. It is a sign of interpersonal relationship between the Lord, the giver of life and the couple that received the child.

Far more importantly, life has its duties and tasks. Thus the birth of every child is destined for specific role and is often greeted with songs of Joy for life is considered as a vocation that is secured on God’s hands. Due to these reasons, life has to be guarded from every threat of corruption and culture of death. The intention here is not merely to preserve the physical life but to maintain life in good and profound relation with the God of Life. Meanwhile, the intention extends to the protection of life in whatever form it is manifested, as foetus, mentally or physically handicapped, protracted illness, a vegetarian and so on. Life must be admired and saved at all cost. But my question is; what sort of Justice should be given to a murderer since every life belongs to God?


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