A Godless reflection about the essence of human existence sometimes leaves one with sorrows and regrets forever appearing in this cosmos. It is a world that is unpredictable and indeterminate. A world that is masque, disguised and blurred. It eludes, confuses and obscures man. It is sometimes common place, neutral, strange, bizzare, paradoxical, extravagant and unbelievable. Nevertheless, it is still habitable.

Today, the bright sun enlists him among the millionaires of the earth but tomorrows rain brings a flood that numbers him among the most wretched of the earth. He is a head of state today, tomorrow he is on his knees begging to be a free citizen. Today, life so intoxicates him with luxuries that the world for him becomes a royal bed of roses, but tomorrow he is wearing a garb of despondency, earnestly and miserably calling mother nature to abort him from this world of trials and thorns and misery.
On several occasions, we have seen someone spending his life-time calling on and beseeching Mother Nature to bless his wife with at least one fruit of the womb and another at the same time spends his life cursing Mother Nature for ruining his life giving him children. These are the paradoxes of human condition.
Look at man who was yesterday hysterically singing choruses of Halleluiah over his scientific revolution which has enabled him to break through the shackles and menacles of superstition, prejudice, ignorance and natural forces that tormented his concept of reality for many ages, and subjected his spirit to untold servitude. But, alas, mans inventions and discoveries are today subjecting him to such misery that he often longs for a return to the prescientific age (call it the state of nature). Come to think of it; a world in which international right is decided on the basis of nuclear strength, then there are fears that in the near or distant future, the world may be plunged into a boiling cauldron of nuclear conflagration. Hence, when Russia and America frown at each other, the world trembles.
In the midst of these complexities, what is the best disposition? Do we fold our hands and watch ourselves drift along these currents of life? Do we thereby subscribe to fatalism? Do we leave ourselves to natures whims and caprices? Do we force the currents to lead us to where we would rather not go? Do we at this point pause and ponder on life?
These are questions that confront us both individually and collectively in our different departments of life, especially when the going gets tough. Such questions can confront us in our various turbulent of life; when a poor patients life has been marred by sickness, and even defied all medical ingenuity; when the wretched peasant has been crushed by hunger; the miserable public servant whose salary is never forthcoming; the unfortunate lady bereaved of a most loving husband in the prime of her youth; the poor old widow bereaved of an only son just at the hour of flowering; the poor business man dispossessed by robbers; the unfortunate armed robber condemned to death; the frustrated student shattered by examination; The Ph.D holder suffering unemployment after spending almost all his life studying; the paragon of beauty that finds herself carrying an unwanted pregnancy; the gentle husband gifted by a reckless and unfaithful wife; you can mention more of such unfortunate circumstances.
In an attempt to arrest this most pitiable situation of man, it is expedient to approach it with some fundamental questions, why all this? Why life at all? What is the purpose of life? Has it no goal at all? Is this agonizing moment the only face of life? After this, what next?
The malady of modern society is the disinterestedness with which we attend to the implication of the above questions. Well, the attitudes are not surprising since man of today has been caught up in a quagmire of frightening materialism, cum utilitarianism that regard the tangible here and now as the be-all-and-end-all of everything. But if human existence were to be explained only within the context of the mundane, then how meaningless, absurd, miserable and absolutely ridiculous the human reality would be! Life would become a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing (William shakespear, Mac beth, Act V, scene V, lines 25-27). Such a world as it appears, rings hollow and induces only anxiety and despair. In order to secure our essence from such a despondent world, let us talk about Love, for God is love. He alone can offer meaning to our existence for he transcends this meaningless world.