I need clarification on touching and kissing.

Ā I am presently into a relationship with my fiance and we promise never to have sex until after our wedding. But from time to time, we cannot resist expressing our love by touching and kissing.

Are they okay in a relationship when it doesn’t lead to sex?


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with two love birds to kiss and touch each other as long as they are honest with themselves and have vowed not to be sexually involved till they get married. My only advice is when the kissing and touching get intense, the female especially, should stop and get out of the scene. Good luck.

  2. Now, I have to come in here. Most times the people who uphold this “no kiss, no touching and no sex” notion are those who have not really kept a serious relationship with the opposite sex and so they don’t really understand how intense those desires are. We ‘ve got to be real. We can easily convince a man (I’m speaking from the Lady’s point of view now) to stay in a relationship without sexual intercourse until marriage, it’s very easy but look where the problem comes in, a situation where a guy would accept not to have sex with a lady only on the condition that there would be other things to keep the ball rolling; kissing and caressing are of course one of the things he hopes to bank on until after the wedding. I’m speaking from experience, not just once or twice.This is very difficult, I have to be real and I must say that it is almost very impossible in this our contemporaries, to keep a meaningful relationship with an opposite sex without at least kissing and caressing. These desires are so natural that if one doesn’t have control over oneself, it would make one compromise the moral values he/she upholds. To keep oneself sexually pure until marriage is beautiful and morally advised but it takes the “two” people involved in this to make up their mind to keep it pure, that no matter what the pressure they wouldn’t yield to it. The surest way to win this is when the two persons involved make up their minds to abstain from premarital sex and other touchings that comes with it. Now,the biggest challenge is, this feelings come up naturally on their own, and to think that you have the intensed desire too (but have decided to keep it on check because of the good moral values you uphold) makes it a tight corner for you and your partner. Most times the ones you love and want to have something serious with are the ones who find it difficult to keep to it whereas those you don’t want to have a thing for are the ones who are ever ready to stay sexually pure with you until whenever. It’s very unfortunatešŸ˜©. What I’m saying in essence is…to keep a sexually-pure relationship is very possible and it requires the both parties to decide to do this and work towards it by any possible means and finally we need God’s grace, his grace coupled with the sincere efforts the partners make can be a breakthrough.

  3. Handshake, embrace and even “kiss” are forms of greeting and can sometimes be a platonic expression of love and affection.

    However, when propelled by passion and lust, it becomes a different game, and like John the Baptist, prepares the coming of; this time not the Messiah but sexual intercourse.

    A child was instructed by his mother not to go to the pot nor touch the meat inside it. She promised to give him the meat when she returns from the market. But shortly after the mother left for marker, the young boy went to the pot, opened and closed it. After a while he went back opened the pot and this time brought out the meat but returned it and left. Few minutes to the return of his mother, he went to the kitchen, opened the pot, took the meat and licked it. About to return it to the pot, he discover a small dangling portion of the meet, which he took and swallowed.
    He succeeded in returning the bigger portion of the meat, covered the pot and left.

    Surely, the meat has not been eating, but the child is inevitably guilty of disobedience and theft.

    Why can’t he wait for the appropriate time, even when he is sure that the meat will be given to him?

    1. Mr Kinglesy Mario, are you actually against kissing and neutral touching in relationship? Don’t you think you can barely found half % of guys that will adhere to this policy in a relationship.
      I have case like this in first relationship though my case was that of ” sex” which I boldly told him that i can’t do it o ooo.Ā  That was how I lost him. After the whole incident,Ā  I told some of my close friends about the what happened and the reply I got was that if I am not ready for commitment, I shouldn’t think of venturing into a relationship. So from that day till dateĀ  I am scared of accepting any guy that comes my way. So I think the problem is from our generation and our mentality to relationship . IĀ  believe if this problem are cleared, then we can go back to the ways of our forefathers in relationship but for this century, I doubt if you will see two opposite sex in a relationship without ” kissing and touching” . It’s believed to be a normal thingĀ  in a relationship.Ā  Then for the sex part, you will count number of persons thatĀ  you will see adhering to that policy In a relationship.

      1. “Handshake, embrace and even ‘kiss’ are forms of greeting and can sometimes be a platonic expression of love and affection,” as I said earlier, is accepted.

        But, We can’t deny the fact that we know when it exceeds limit.

        It all depends on the persons involved, the decision to have a sexually-pure relationship should be an agreement between them.

        Platonic relationship seems to have gone to oblivion because we put on fire that ends up consuming us beyond quench.

        When we finally get what we had priced, we conclude that relationship without sex is impossible.
        It all started gradually.

        Not putting the fire is highly possible but quenching it when it is already burning is nearly impossible. That is when you will understand how weak the flesh is to pleasure.

        It is hard to abstain but possible with precautions backed up by God’s grace.

        It is not easy but God will help us.

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