An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.

Date: 29th November, 2020.

Moderator: Mr. Chijioke Ojiakor.

Time: 8:30pm

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

We shall be Discussing a very controversial Topic, captioned…..”Learning to Look Forward in the Right Manner” (Mark 13:1-37).”The Apocalyptic Testament of Jesus”, as Fr. Teclus will always call it.The Biblical Passage, as Fr. Rightly pointed out, is Our A Farewell Address of Our Blessed Lord, (as it’s customary in the ancient Jewish custom, prior to the departure of great Prophets and Teachers).It was delivered within the interval marking the end of Christ’s Public Ministry, and Prior to The Commencement of His Passion and Death.It lays credence to The End time (being one of the most misinterpreted verses of the scripture), and the need to be always alert and Watchful as christians.The long passage is however divided into Four major parts, namely:1. The Persecution of Christians2. The Destruction of the Temple3. The Triumph of Jesus over Evil4. Prediction about Time/Manner of the End time.However, it is noteworthy to mention that while the first Two events has taken place, the Third and Fourth Must Come to pass.You will recall that Christians all over the world, Both past and present, have faced one form of persecution or the other. As well as the Destruction of the Beautiful Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD.But, for the Purpose of Tonight’s discussion, we shall be concerned more about the Last part, – Prediction about the Time/Manner of the End time.In Repeating the Exact words of Our Lord Jesus Christ that no one knows the Time or Manner of the End time, it is good that we also understand the Dual Personality of Jesus as Being True God and True Man, Yet, possessing the Complete Attribute of bothIn Christ Jesus, Divinity Unites with Humanity (a difficult mystery to unravel)….Hence, the exact time or manner was hidden from Men, Angels, and the Human Nature of Jesus (The Reason Why He said that it is Known to The Father alone)….At this juncture, some critical questions will be very helpful for a better understanding of the Topic under discussion……….1. Do we really need to think of the End time?*** Yes. It is necessary to be in our mind always that our life on earth will come to an end one day which is our end time.Does that means, we need to be prepared at all times?2. How do we explain the fact that Jesus himself is Ignorant of the time?****With the knowledge of a hypostatic union, the ignorance of our Blessed Lord about the end time is based on his human nature, Which has a limitation in knowledge. No wonder Luke 2:52 would say that Jesus was growing in wisdom. But Jesus Christ in his divinity, knows the exact time that the world will come to an end…..****You can do so by having good relationship with God at times through the church and her sacraments…****Living a life that pleases God by abiding to his commandments and the teachings of the church…***By being cautious of how we live our lives.Persevering in good works and emulating the life of our lord Jesus Christ by following the teachings and traditions of the church….3. What becomes of us if we are eventually taken unawares???***Such persons shall share the fate of the foolish virgins, that is, eternal damnation.4. How can we Transfer our Earthly Inheritances into the Treasure House of Heaven, Just like the Saints of Old???****By utilizing our Time, Energy and Resources for the service of God and Humanity,Through daily Sacrifices and Self Mortification…***”The transportation mechanism or strategy is found in the gospel of Mathew 25:35-40. I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me water to drink, in prison or sick, you visited me and so on.5. Lastly, in what ways can we keep hope alive while waiting for an unknown time???****If one trusts God then he will believe all his promises to be true because he said iam coming again and he will certainly come….****Being able to to give account of your life as the time when you recovered it, prayers….****By investing in heavenly goods, ie. Using our inheritance to seek God by good deeds of charity….****Through prayers,good work and perseveranceIf there is any positive thing we ought to learn from Satan is perseverance cos he never rest until he gets what he what so also should we cos we don’t know the time or hour….****Our hope will be alive if and only if the manner of our living prepares us for the final moment of our dying. We have to recognize that we are living in the shadow of eternity. Hence no reason for fearful and hysterical expectations, for Christ has assured us of his final victory over the forces of evil and darkness. We really need to stop struggling and fighting for life like obstinate slaves whenever death threatens to take us out of this world. We need to face the changes and chances of this world with a firm Faith and rugged strength 💪 against death and embrace the immortality that follows after death. We should be longing for the glorious company of the apostles, the fellowship of the prophets, the innumerable army of Martyrs, the triumphant procession of virgins and the joy of the merciful who performed works of charity. These are our brothers and sisters Who had the same Experiences that we are having today (if not worse than ours) and they conquered. So we too are conquerors, no matter the so-called weaknesses that may be deceiving you that heaven does not belong to you. Simply give Jesus the impression that you are interested in this everlasting Joy and he will assist you to make it on the last day. Certainly, Jesus will give greater reward to those whose longing for him has been greater at the end of time. Can you rate the degree of your longing for our divine Master in battle!!!!!!

God bless you

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