If the apostles had known why Judas left, someone like Peter would not have allowed him to leave that room alive. Unfortunately, they thought Jesus sent him out to help the poor as usual. Judas must have been putting on an act of love and loyalty which deceived everyone except Jesus. By our outward actions we may deceive men; but there is no hiding things from the eyes of Christ.

Again, Jesus loved Judas so much that he entrusted the apostolic treasury in his care, and always calls him to sit beside him. There is tragedy here. Again and again Jesus appealed to that dark heart; again and again Judas remained unmoved. May God save us from being completely impervious to the appeal of love.

Worse still, when Judas received the bread from Jesus, the devil entered into him. It is a terrible thing that what was meant to be love’s appeal became hate’s dynamic. That is what the devil can do. He can take love and turn it into lust; he can take holiness and turn it into pride; he can take discipline and turn it into sadistic cruelty; he can take affection and turn it into spineless complacence. We must be on the watch so that in our lives, the devil never warps or twist the lovely things until they become agents of hell for his own purposes.

Finally, Judas went out and it was night. If Judas having known his weakness decided to talk it over privately with Christ, it would not have been night for him. It is always night when a man goes away from Christ to follow his own purposes. Our weaknesses not withstanding, may we never depart from the presence of Christ. He alone, the kindly light, can lead us amidst such encircling gloom.

God Loves You!