Joy Felt Amidst Witnesses Vol. 9, No. 15

An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the

topic: Joy Felt Amidst Witnesses Date: 13th December 2020

Time : 8:30 pm

Venue: Bed Briefing House via Whatsapp

Moderator: Mr. Egelebe Vitus

Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

What is Joy?A feeling of great happiness.What is witness? Standing in for someone or something; when you can stand in for someone or something that claims you a witness. Understand that this topic is trying to show us the joy that the witnesses received over a particular event. The question is what kind of event are we talking about? In this contest the event should be a positive event because it is only a positive event that can bring about joy. In the book of Luke 1:41, John the Baptist witnessed Jesus while he was in his mother’s womb and he leaped for joy. We will also see such Joy during the time Jesus raised Lazarus from death. The people there Mavled in joy for such wonderful action performed by Jesus.Does it mean that everyone who was present in an event is a witness within this our today’s context? Can we call everyone bodily present but absent minded in an event a witness? Can someone who is unable to give an account about an event that he or she is present a witness? It’s not everyone who is present in an event that is given the grace of witnessing. To bear witness is to carry the message that one is witnessing for or about and also to carry the message is to be able to give an account about whatever one is a witness of. The ones worthy of being called witnesses are those who have been graced to be one – in essence, they must be present physically and spiritually at the event of witnessing! Two people went for a lecture and during the lectures, both were in the class but one was taking his note while the other was thinking about the problem he had with his parents then at the end of the lectures the lecturer asked them question. The one that had problems with his parents were unable to answer the question while the other did answer the question. Between these two who is a witness over this lecture?The joy amidst witnesses: we then can relate it to the season we are into it now which is the season of ADVENT. Advent means waiting. As we are waiting for the coming of Christ are we waiting to witness Him so as for the JOY to descend on us as the WITNESSES or are we waiting for the Xmas celebration of the corporal? This Joy can only come to us if we can be able to give an account of the birth of Jesus Christ as a witness. This will lead us to the Homily of our director, Father Teclus⁩ today concerning this topic. He gave us two classification of this topic;1. The joy of Christ which felt on account of our witnessing2. The joy we feel on our account of bearing witness with Christ. The first, we can attribute to the action of John the Baptist who was faced with the challenge of taking the glory that belongs to Jesus in today’s gospel but John did not take it because he witnessed Jesus. Does it mean that John was not the one that obtained the joy? Are we to say that the joy was experienced by Jesus because John saved the honor of Jesus instead of taking the honor himself? The joy was experienced by John because doing the right thing fills your soul with joy and this Father Teclus called “selfless joy burning out of humble witness”.What is this trying to teach us?If we must receive the full and main joy of being witnesses we must maintain the life of John the Baptist in this context. Tday we no longer have the heart of selflessness instead we are wallowing in selfishness no more atom of autism in the society. As Christians we should learn to desist from what is not ours. The fake prophets today is as a result of selfishness and this joy we are talking about might not be obtainable for the people of this kind of life. In the second characteristic, Father Teclus⁩ attributed to the philosophy of Hereclitus who said that every thing is at the state of flux and that no one can step into the river twice. He is known for his philosophy “logos” which is “word”. Here we can trace the origin of the power of the word during the creation and it was later said in the Bible that Jesus is the word and word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. So this word that dwells in us is what makes us the witness of Jesus which brings Joy to us but you can not receive the joy if the word is not with you. How can this word dwell in us?This word can dwell in us when we accept it into our heart and put it into practical use by examining our life to know if the word is still with us. Remember that this word we are talking about is Jesus Himself. So if He is in you that means the word is in you but if he is not in you that means the word is not in you. If the word is not in you that means that you are not a witness of Jesus in your life and that can conclude that the Joy is not for you. If we are told that the president of the USA is coming to this country and anybody who will witness his speech will go home with 2milion but no one knows the exact time that he will be coming am very sure that most of us will go as early as missing the morning mass provided he or she didn’t miss the opportunity to witness his speech and the person must be there till night with out eating just to get 2milion. But if it is to witness Christ, just few have time for that because we think that no money is going to be shared there but I have to tell you that what you going to receive for witnessing for Christ is bigger than 2milion and that is the JOY. God bless you!

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