Good morning dear members of let’s talk it App 👍. I humbly wish to seek for clarification in the conference Hall of faith 🙏.

On Saturday, which was the FEAST OF the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the gospel story (Lk. 2:49) tells us that the child Jesus at the age of twelve, responded to his parents who were looking for him, that he is out for his Father’s work.

My question therefore is How can we prove that Jesus was or was not aware of his mission from birth, as the Son of God?

May God bless us!

3 thoughts on “IS JESUS WISE FROM BIRTH?

  1. Jesus grew in wisdom just like man (Lk2:40 and the child Jesus grew and became strong, filled with wisdom —-).. owing to the fact that he goes to the temple to listen to the elders asking them questions, if he was to live by his divine nature there wouldn’t have been any need for going to the temple, praying and fasting and even having a burden in his heart regarding his suffering. And he also cried father why have you forsaken me on the cross when the glory of God left him showing the nature of man in Jesus. So in a nut shell he availed himself to an environment of growth by listening to the elders coupled with his God given wisdom which gives him direction knowing his mission on earth which is to salvage mankind. So as the Bible says, through one man sin entered and through one man shall man be delivered of sin. So his work was done as man even he is divine (God). Thank you

  2. Thank you dear for your question.

    It is obvious from the passage that Christ, even as a child was fully aware of his mission and divine nature.

    His divine nature remained intact after he took flesh.

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