Jesus Feeds a Great Crowd (The Multiplication of Loaves)Vol. 8, No. 7

An interactive discussion between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House on (Jesus Feeds a Great Crowd (The Multiplication of Loaves)

Date: 2nd August, 2020.

Venue: Bed Briefing House WhatsApp Group.


Time: 7:15pm

(Collation: Miss Benita Aniebo, member of the team “let’s talk it App”

We shall be reflecting on the Gospel passage of today, Sunday 2nd August 2020, taken from Matt 14:13-21. The Theme is Jesus feeds a Great Crowd Or The Multiplication of Loaves.

The passage began with Our Lord’s disposition at the tragic death of John the Baptist and his withdrawal to a lonely place. Despite his sober mood, the crowd heard of it and followed him immediately. Bringing along with them, all manner of problems. Seeing the crowd, Jesus had pity on them, for they were like Sheep without a Shepherd (Compassionate Jesus!!!) and began teaching the crowd. At sunset, sensing the impending danger, His disciples walked up to Him and ask Him to send the crowd home, at least to buy food before night falls. Jesus, however replied…..You yourselves, give them something to eat.
By that very statement, he teaches us the Importance of Charity in the lives of Christians. He demanded the available Five Loaves of bread and Two Fishes, looked up to the Heavens, gave thanks, broke them, and asked his Disciples to distribute them to the Multitude.
Bring them (the five loaves of bread and two fishes), simply means…..
Surrender all your problems, fears, worries and anxiety to the Impossibility Specialist.
He prayed to the Father, knowing quite well that whatever he ask in prayers, He shall receive, and teaches us to do same. He is the God that turns Inadequacies to Surplus.

There were Five Thousand Men. Excluding Women and Children, who, though constitute the Majority, yet, are regarded as insignificant in the Jewish Tradition. Everyone ate and had enough,
Yet Jesus Instructed the Disciples to gather the remnants, which filled 12 Baskets.
12 is however a very symbolic figure in the Scripture, i.e, 12 Apostles, 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 Sons of Jacob etc.
By the singular act of gathering the remnants, Jesus Condemns wastes in all ramifications.
Because for each time we waste, a whole lot of people out there suffer Starvation, Rejection and Neglect.

The act of Charity in the life of Christians, is a Command from Our Blessed Lord, “You yourselves, Give them something to eat”. It’s not a Plea.
Charity isn’t giving out of our abundance, rather, sparing part of the little we have.

As David rightly pointed out.,…….”I will not make to the Lord, a Sacrifice that won’t cost me something”.

Under normal circumstances, can five loaves of bread and two fishes be enough to feed Five Thousand hungry Men?

How then do we interprete that Act?
A Magic? A Miracle? Or Signs and Wonders?
It’s a miracle

From whom were the disciples able to get the bread and fishes for feeding and multiplication?
Someone among the crowd, who probably brought them for personal use.

What is the significance of the Feeding of the Five Thousand Men by Our Blessed Lord???

  1. Jesus used the feeding to show the need for spiritual and physical nourishment to his followers.
  2. Nothing is impossible for God.
  3. God can furnish a plentiful table even in the wilderness if we have the spirit to help others from the little we have.
  4. It’s only in sharing that multiplication can occur
  5. Unless a seed is sown, there can be no bountiful harvest
  6. When we connect with Jesus like the crowd who search for Jesus we will experience divine provision.

What informed Jesus’ choice of feeding the Multitude, rather than sending them away to buy food for themselves?
A good Shepherd feeds His sheep both spiritually and physically. He takes care of both our spiritual and temporal need; but he takes care of our temporal needs only when they are employed to serve the needs of eternity and as long as they won’t lead us astray.
That’s why he is the Good Shepherd
Indeed, Christianity should encompass:

  1. Charity
  2. Feeding the Hungry
  3. Caring for the needy

God bless you

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