Is Nigeria Worth Dying for? Can Our Blood Save this Nation? Vol. 9, No. 1

An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: Is Nigeria Worth Dying for? Can Our Blood Save this Nation?

Date: 15th October 2020

Time : 7:00 pm

Venue: Bed Briefing House via Telegram

Moderator: Ezea Collins (Dnony)

Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

Today we are looking at a very strong topic that answers a lot of questions and issues surrounding us as individuals and as a person. Nigeria over the years has witnessed series of wars and issues where people have demonstrated yet nothing has really happened. These issues keep increasing without any form of help in sight. Do you think Nigeria is worth dying for?Now going by the word dying for, we should understand what it meant. to my understanding. Dying for Nigeria means fighting with your last blood in other to reduce or takeaway the evil things that is happening in Nigeria. So, as a patriotic citizen, it is not advisable to runaway from your country or allow evil to be thriving but find solution to reduce it. Our country may seem to be of no good at all. It may look like all the previous sacrifices and lives lost were in vain. But we must really not loose all hope in Nigeria. People like Yesuf Aisha the popular activist of the recent timevbelieves in real hope for a change in this country. It’s high time we get people of like minds. The recent protest though was triggered out of frustration and ~~is still pioneered by some people whose hope is change for a better Nigeria. Ashia for one is not scared of death for what she believes in. So also are a few others. Their bloods are scarifies for a better change or new country. I believe our country is worth dying for. That’s how others laid their sacrifice and blood for their countries today. Talk of Abraham Lincoln, J.kennedy. etc. One day our sacrifice shall earn us well.Why then has protest not done anything for us in Nigeria? We see people protesting every day lives are lost, properties destroyed yet nothing seems to be happening!Why do people still engage in Continuous protesting??There is difference between protest and riot. We normally engage in riot not protest and it continues because they think or belief that through protest, the leaders will listen to their plea.So is it justifiable for them to take such coercive actions?It is more justifiable because that is the recognizable way the leaders will know that they are no more leading well. What is the best way to solve Nigeria’s political, social and economic problems without blood shed?Most Nigerian leaders have lost the value of conscience and so no amount of conscientization can heal our country. We really need God’s intervention through the instrumentality of us his people. We must not relent in fighting for justice. So should we encourage this bloody Protest?From every indication, protests are always peaceful and legal just like the present one with us but most atimes our leaders that lack common sense of listening to their subjects and settling with them amicably will result to hiring thugs like the one at Alausa in Lagos thereby making it bloody.What is the best way out of this?God’s divine intervention through us by His grace and through prayer So as Nigeria is, what do we think should be the way forward for us; both the youths and the rest of them? Also in all of this what is the thing the people should look out for?Bridging the gap between the poor and the rich will help. The minimum wage for a graduate is 30,000 when some illiterate politicians are taking 13m monthly. There is need to make all political seats less lucrative and less attractive but more responsible. It will give our leaders some sense of the immediate needs because only those ready to work for us will be ready and willing to be a leader.So having looked at this issue, what do we tell the youths to know that our blood can’t better the polity??In conclusion, what is the way forward?We have seen the problematic situation with our country and our Nation, we have seen that despite what we do the brutality and bloody waste of life continues and we feel its important we note that. Hence in all we do its important to Note life is precious and we should understand that and note that in all aspect. We must know that enough blood has already been shed with nothing being done or put in place to better the polity or the entire nation. It’s important we trend with caution and be very vigilant.God bless you!

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