Is it Really Natural for a Man to Cheat? Vol. 3, No. 8

The preferential treatment for men on the issue of marital infidelity is as old as the Hebrew scriptures, and is quite unjustifiable. When two old lascivious men could not gain advantage of the virtuous and beautiful Suzanne, they conspired again her and brought her forward before the king as someone who has committed adultery under a tree, but there was no mention of her partner in crime. Very funny! Well, the wisdom of the young Daniel vindicated her. Even during the historical times of Jesus Christ, an adulterous woman was brought to him to be condemned and stoned to Death, yet there was no mention of the man that lured her into the crime. Very agonizing!
On several occasions, we have experienced the divorce of women on the pain of infidelity, and nothing happens to the men who partake and even creates enabling environment for their misdemeanor. Worse still, in most African traditions, there are spiritual implications against women alone in as much as the issue of adultery is concerned. In some parts of Igbo for instance, it is believed that if a married woman is sleeping with another man, there are high tendencies of madness or a grevious harm metted on her, whereas the man who may have been involved is not affected. Very illogical and unjust!
Well, we could observe that in the Old Testament, Daniel saved the vulnerable Suzzane, in the New Testament, Jesus saved the adulterous woman, while in our own African context, Christianity has not rest on her laurels in righting the wrongs of most African beliefs against the regards to women. It therefore implies that in every epoch of human history, women have always been protected against the marginalizations of some lascivious men who claim to be law abiding to the detriment of the weaker sex.
However, the crux of the matter is that few scientists have variously reflected and severally thrusted into the limelight why it is natural for men to cheat against fidelity in marriage. Could this be tenable? Well, let’s check it out. According to them, biologically, sex is designed for one main purpose, which is procreation. Anything else is extra. No wonder the older woman of yesterday said : “sex is a man’s thing, just for the purpose of offspring. Sex only gets old and worn by the time you are twenty years in the marriage. Well, give him his sex so that you can have your kids.” Lol.
Moreover, it is scientifically proven that the female reproductive cycle comes once a month. For a man, it’s everyday. For each sexual act, the woman’s one egg is matched by 120 million sperm cells. And if we are to calculate it, 120 million sperm cells a day, everyday and suppose to one egg a month every month, means assuming all cells are viable, that it will take only thirty men to impregnate all the women in the world. Against this backdrop, such scientists conclude that a man is by nature polygamous. Hence, they are of the view that monogamy and fidelity are unnatural situation promulgated by religious beliefs and social pressure. Take those away, every man would cheat. It’s simply biological. That’s their stand. Very interesting.
On another note, from a psychological perspective, it has been proven that most women are more emotional than men. So it’s natural that after a sexual encounter, they (women) will be attached to the man with whom they had such encounter. But because a man is visual and logical in nature, there is no emotion involved. For him, it’s just a physical release that got nothing to do with love. A man expresses his love for a woman by protecting and providing for her. That’s all. Indications therefore emerged that for most men, the physical and the emotional are two separate entities. In other words, there is no necessary connection between the love for their wife which is expressed through cares and concerns for her well-being, and the physical release of 120 million sperms through any available means. This sounds instinctive and irrational on the part of men.
Conclusively, does not intend to respond to this argument now. Not even from a religious stand point. Rather the intention is simply to ascertain from readers if it is really natural for a man to cheat? Yes or No could be a sufficient answer. God bless us all!

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