An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Date: 29 JULY 2021.

Moderator: Miss Jennifer Ezema
Venue: Bed briefing Telegram house.

Time: 7pm

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.


Our topic today is: Is age really a number?

Age is attached to virtually all things since there is an age range for getting a certain job, entering school and so on. Some also believe that wisdom is associated with age. Age is an aspect of our life that we can’t overlook, it’s influence speaks volumes in areas of our lives ranging from dream fulfillment to choice of marriage partner. Is age worth the value attached to it or it’s just a number?
We’ll find out

Who can help us define age?
– Age is how long something has been exiting or lasted.
– A time of life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises.
– According to English dictionary, Age is the number of full years, months or days that someone or something have been alive.

Age is the length of time a person or something has lived or been in existence.
Age can be classified into Chronological, biological and psychological age.
– Chronological age is the number of years a person has been alive.
– Psychological age is how old one feels, acts, and behaves.
– Biological age refers to how old a person seems.

Q1- Do you think a person’s level of maturity and wisdom is determined by age? And why?

– No. This is because wisdom is endowed. Age can only determine perfectly how knowledgeable a person is not how wise he or she is
– Maturity has something to do with age but is not what determines the maturity level of an individual.Yes there are some young people who are mature and some old people that are not,but in general you mature with age.You don’t come into the world with maturity, You learn as you grow.

Now, in relationships and marriages, Most men prefer being with younger ladies in relationships, why is it so?
– This is simply because the society we are into is designed in such a way that man is the head of the family. So, as the head of the family no man wants to be in a relationship with a woman somewhat older than him to avoid competing for powers and authority in their union.
(That’s wrong, yes, the man is the head of the house but he doesn’t need to be older to exercise his authority. And instead of imposing, the man and woman can have a mutual relationship where they both discuss issues and solve them together.)

Q: On the other hand, While some ladies prefer men within their age bracket, most ladies would prefer far older guys. Which do you consider better and why?
– I consider ladies going for older guys better because the guys in question feel more comfortable being in union with younger ladies. So, for peaceful coexistence in relationships I consider ladies going for older guys better.
– Another thing is, ladies mature biologically faster than guys so when a lady mingles with a guy of her age bracket you see the lady trying to be in charge simply because she looks older because of biological age.

From research some ladies are afraid of marrying or dating older men for the reasons below:

1*Difference in opinion* they may disagree about a lot of things since their levels of understanding might differ. This can lead to frequent arguments
2 *Insecurities:* Insecurity can be a big issue in such relationships because ‘being old’ is often viewed as an inadequacy. An older man dating a younger woman could develop an inferiority complex

3 *Possessiveness:* An older man might be more possessive about the younger woman in his life. This behaviour can interfere with personal independence, leaving the woman feeling that he exercises too much power and control over her
4 *Uncertainty about the future:* In some cases where the age-gap is much, the fear of how long they have together creeps in as the older partner’s mortality becomes more real.

On another hand, most ladies would prefer older men for these reasons
1.Young ladies are always impressed by older men’s maturity and responsible attitude.
2.Older guys are most times more thoughtful.
3. most of them are ready for serious relationship, not just to be playing around like small boys who just want sex.

In conclusion, Age means a lot though it can still be just a number. If we attach so much worth to age, then it may have the tendency of ruining us. Some people set aside a particular age as benchmark for an achievement, for example… “I’ll finish school, make money and get married before 24” if such person fails to meet up, he might get depressed. It’s okay to set goal but constantly looking at your age puts unnecessary pressure on you

Relationship wise, doing what works well for you is very important, some people especially among the whites comfortably marry their age mates. Some men even prefer older ladies. Other ladies especially around us prefer older men.. Do what works for you, age could be a number but not in every case.

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