In this Our African Belief! Vol. 4, No. 2

There is an ingrained attitude of superstition in the African mind that is not only far from reality but also makes him cold and helpless before his environment, which God has given him the authority to dominate.

The interpretation given to non-living things or irrational events and entities could be very frustrating to human endeavour. In some areas in Igbo land, for instance, trees and forests, mountains and hills, rivers etc. are worshipped and “mysterious” significance are attached to certain animals as totems, basing the individual’s and community’s health and life on such entities. As a result of this, no sad event possesses a natural or self-inflicted cause. Diseases, especially incurable, terminal or enduring ones, are either machinations or evil men or often attributed to the non living realities.
Funnily enough, many believe that the daily story depends so much on how they wake up from sleep, or the first person they meet for the day. At times, even those who seem to be succeeding far more than their relatives, neighbours, business partners, colleagues and friends suffer unfounded suspicion for bewitching others who are less successful.
Our streets, villages and cities are often rarely believed to possess any scientific causation that could be checked, controlled or even eliminated. Other than supernatural one. Lunatics and psychopathics gesticulate on cases that can easily be made bygone just with simple medications. More often than not, a massive death of livestock in a community, which could have been caused by a seemless epidemic or eco-infections must be attributed to fate or penal actions of angry deities, perhaps due to certain individual or communal sin. In the past, Africans lived in the ignorance of the practice of killing twins, today, some Africans still see the growing of upper cavity teeth first by a child as a taboo, without caring about the scientific biological difference that could make such possible. We ought to rise from our superstitious slumber!

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