Great team of let’s talk it App, greetings to you all!

I have been enjoying your beautiful series and so I decided to present my own family problem.

Shortly before I got married, I was a banker. Three years after my marriage, I discovered that my job will not offer me the opportunity to take care of my home. So I decided to quit the job and train my children as I and my God would prefer, since my husband is rich enough to take care of the financial demands at home.

As a result of this, I have been a house wife for about 13 years, without a house help, because I don’t want any strange fellow to corrupt my children.

But unfortunately, my husband and my kids are now misconstruing or treating me as a house help because of my humble commitment to house chores.

Please friends, what do I do to rescue myself from this costly misconception?


  1. In other words, find something/ work to do (no matter how small) as you spend time with your children.
    Both are important.

    Thanks a lot for your contribution.

  2. This is indeed a real sacrifice of a mother, well right now what you need do is simple take up a job or start up a business and restore your Dignity again, you have Tried already 13yrs of commitment to your family and today they see you as a house maid, C’mon Ma it’s very common among husbands and children especially when they see their mummy stay at home all day, I think it’s time you start working go out and come back in the evening, and your pride and Dignity will again be restored.

    1. Thanks a lot
      Yes, get something doing, outside home chores. No matter how small, just don’t stay at home all day.

  3. Dearest mother, it’s like you and my mom have something in common. But now she’s taken up a job and she’s looking into starting her own business. So that she doesn’t stay home all day long. When I was still a child, she made duty rosters for us. So if your job isn’t done, no food for you. And the kitchen is locked including the fridge. So we had no option but to do our work even though my dad will kick against her actions and want us to spend all our day in books. He didn’t want us doing house chores too but after much quarrelling and quarrelling he later accepted it.
    So first thing is prayer, then talk to your children about the situation and the new stand you will take. If you don’t discipline them now, you’ll regret it later. And make sure your husband understands the meaning of spare the rod and spoil the child.

    1. Thank a lot
      I think the duty roster will be good.
      They are still your children, so give them work to do, as you find one for yourself outside your home.

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